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Tales of Destiny 2 (PlayStation 2) English translation
Not to be confused with the Tales of Destiny II on the PS1 in North America, this is the ill-fated sequel to the original Tales of Destiny that never crossed the Pacific. The North American ToDII is actually Tales of Eternia which has has nothing to do with the storylines in the Destiny subseries. This game is the fourth entry in the main Tales series.

We’re aiming for an early menu-only translation patch soon, and a full translation patch down along the lines.

Project news summary (6/28/08)
A pre-alpha patch for the menu translation has been released. Patches available for every Japanese copy of the game.

Patch Releases
Pre-Alpha 1: See this forum post for download and details.

Current staff
Cless:Coordination, hacking, reverse-engineering, minor translator, coding
Klarth:Coding help and putting up with my n00bness with it
Kvar:Script Translation
Lanyn:Script Translation
Alyx:Script Translation
_Bnu:Early coding

Menu translating and editing help, in no particular order: Kajitani-Eizan, gogs, Eien Ni Hen, throughhim413, highfly, Leroy, Azu, supersonic1453, KBTKaiser, Kevassa, Kiko, Cyllya, ryochan, octarineblues, Tammaiya and possibly others not coming to mind.

Other credits
Kyo316:for the Mega Hits edition of the game
Carnivol:for the The Best edition of the game

Old screenshots
All screens are works in progress and subject to change by the time a release is ready. Click the thumbnails for full sized versions.

The font was found and a set of lowercase letters was added.

The dialogue shot is obviously not a translation of something from the game, it’s a proof of concept showing that dialogue is translatable and that we’ll be translating the script too!

Even older Work In Progress screens

FAQ and other information

When will there be a new patch?

We don’t know. There will be one when there is one.

There are a few versions of the game. Which one will it work with?

We support all Japanese versions of the game. There are two patches– one for the original release, and one for the Mega Hits and The Best budget label budget reprints (they are identical, data-wise).

We have no intentions of making patches for the Chinese or Korean editions of the game.

Checksums for clean copies of the orignal, Mega Hits versions are as follows:

Original version (Japanese black label and Asian Japanese):
Size: 3.01 GB (3,234,004,992 bytes)
CRC32: 359DE692
MD5 hash: 57cc3626a9cdc44bcde55efde9d22e78

Mega Hits and PlayStation 2 The Best versions:
Size: 2.84 GB (3,054,698,496 bytes)
CRC32: BD191195
MD5 hash: 0107da6a213f0e5e1e3f163058459ffe

Do not mistake the “Big Hits” release for the Mega Hits version. The “Big Hits” edition is a Korean reprint.

What about the PSP version?

The PSP version uses a new standard of compression that isn’t compatible with our tools. The only reason a full translation of the PS2 version is possible is because it uses the same exact compression scheme as used in Tales of Phantasia PSX.

Unless the new compression in the PSP version is cracked, don’t bet on a translation project happening for it…

Can I help you in any way?

Yes. If you have Japanese to English translating skills and/or English writing skills, you can join the community effort on our forum. The community translation forum is located here Register and read the sticky thread to get started..

Also, a PS2 ASM hacker would be great and all too to help fix some little problems, but I think that may be a bit much to ask for right now, especially considering the state of PS2 emulation right now.

How will patching work?

You will need a DVD burner and a modified PS2 console to play this. Swap mods and HDLoader should work too. See the patch release for patching instructions.

Do you have any plans of dubbing the voices?

As with the ToP PSX project, this is totally not feasible. So the answer is no.

Are you considering doing this with Tales of Rebirth?

It’s definitely being considered as a future project. Just need a translator…

Translation intents

We aiming to be consistent in many ways with the original US Tales of Destiny 1 localization, and in some ways deviating from it. Given that Namco-Bandai seems to have no intention of ever bringing over another Destiny game, we’ll be restoring some original character names that seemed to have been pointlessly changed. On the other hand, most storyline terms and town names and such will be the same as the original ToD PS1 localization to retain much familiarity.

Contact information

If you have a question which is not answered or you have another reason to contact me, I can be reached here.


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