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Final Fantasy III (SNES) — Final Fantasy VI Hardtype
Final Fantasy III US title screen The first ever serious attempt to make to make the ever popular Final Fantasy VI a more difficult game. The first version probably looks amateurish by today’s standards, but remember that it was created -before- highly detailed documents of data and editors even existed.

Nowadays there’s an abundance of information available on the game, and many hacks of this game have been produced to date.

Regardless, a new 2.0 version of my FFVI Hardtype is in the works, using the all new info known today. It promises to be different and introduce new ideas over the original version. It aims to be a polished work that will not detract from the original story or gameplay. In fact, it will bring the gameplay to a whole new level of depth and strategy.

I don’t know when 2.0 will ever get done. I have a lot of other projects and giant backlog of games of higher priority these days.

Final Fantasy III (SNES) — Enemy AI data mover
Final Fantasy III US title screen If custom monster making is your thing, you might want this. I noticed a lot of custom monster hacks overwrote existing enemy scripts, and this will give you enough space to write your custom monsters without doing so. This patch is a very simple ASM hack that moves the enemy attack pattern data to the end of the ROM. This will give you plenty of space for you to create complex custom monsters without overwriting the scripts of the existing ones. Also great for if you are doing a detailed hack that requires the rewriting of many, if not all the monsters. Note that you are still limited to 65535 bytes of data, though.

Note: This is strictly meant for people who hack monsters using hex editing programs only. Editors will not recognize the fact that the data was moved.

Final Fantasy III (SNES) — Final Fantasy VI title screen mod
FF3 title screen to FF6 title screen Many have asked me for the patch that changes the FFIII title screen back into the original Final Fantasy VI. Here you go. Also removes the black and white title screen that takes forever to load.

This patch was created by Yazoo for his French translation of FFVI. So if you leave credit for it, give it to him.


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