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Posted by Cless on 12/19/2006
The site was down today, as you might have seen. It was just some stuff happening on the back end of the site. Everything should be working fine now.

Might as well mention some project stuff while I’m at it.

ToD2: Still progressing rapidly on the technical front, not so much on the translation side. I hope to get the menu patch out in the not too distant future but I don’t want to put it out until it’s 100% complete (possibly minus tech names unless I find a way to reduce that ridiculous font size). Item, tech, title, strategy, and enchant descriptions still need to be translated as well the titles list. Some all-around polishing still needs to be done as well.

I’ve been working damn near relentlessly on this project for the last month with my free time, but I’m taking a break right now to actually play some games…

ToP: Shinhoshi has signed back on as this project’s main translator, since Xero disappeared again.

Posted by Cless on 11/17/2006
Some updates on Tales of Destiny 2 and Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon.

Tales of Destiny 2

I’m getting some programming experience under my belt. With Klarth’s help I’ve just recently put together a script dumper and extractor, for all the main story dialogue. Download the script! It’s already being translated by a staff member, so have fun with it.

Script inserter works great, I just successfully inserted a test that changes the first several lines of story text.

Later I’m going to put together a dumper/inserter of the skit subtitles. Skit subitle scripts are interestingly in the same format as the main story script, so it won’t take much effort to port the utilities to the skit file format.

Lastly, it seems a custom patch format is going to be necessary for the full translation (menu-only translation should still work with a conventional format). To avoid a release delay when the full patch is ready I need to get the ball rolling on this custom patch format ASAP. I’m going to need external help with this.

What do I need help with? I need a bit of technical information on the UDF file system format. Just enough so that I can change the size of the files, and have no problems generating a modified image.

Wait… there’s more? I guess I lied, that wasn’t last. It seems to me that both the Mega Hits and “PS2 the Best” re-releases of the game are in fact 100% identical. So the final releases will come in two flavors– one for the original black label release, and one for the budget re-release versions. There is a possibility that the re-release patches might take some extra time to prepare, since I’m primarily working with the original release. Please be aware that we are only translating the Japanese releases of this game, and not the Korean or Chinese versions.

Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon

Oh! An update on the little project that doesn’t get much attention…

Anyway, I’m getting some assembly level help from evo… who will be implementing a much-needed variable width font into the game, and some simple compression for text. One of my big concerns for this game was getting a translation that looks good… there’s a horribly tiny amount of screen space for text in this game and the variable width font should help a freaking crap ton. Only drawback is that it will take him some time to get around to implementing the stuff. Oh well… we can wait right? I mean, we only started the project 6 years ago… what’s another one? 😛 Well, at least the wait will be worth it, and there’s still a thing or two I need to do with the game…

Tales of the Abyss

The best Tales ever was at last released in the US last month. Did you buy it? No? You’d better… or else… MIEU SMASH.

Wii + Zelda = awesome

If there’s anything that’s going to slow down the pace the projects have been moving at, it’s the pending release of the Nintendo Wii… with Zelda having plenty of potential of displacing even Valkyrie Profile 2 on my list of top favorites. It will be mine… oh yes… it will be mine.

Hyrule field is awesome

Posted by Cless on 9/29/2006
It just dawned on me that the front page hasn’t been updated in three months. And there’s a lot to tell about.

Tales of Destiny 2

Lots of big news in the last few days. First of all, it doesn’t scream at you anymore!

Lowercase letters implemented in Tales of Destiny 2
At long last, the font has been found, and has been replaced by an awesome one with lowercase letters.

I personally absolutely love this new font. Dare to compare to the old!

And in case you haven’t been checking out the forums, perhaps the biggest news for this project is…

Dialogue hacked in Tales of Destiny 2

Yes, that’s right. Tales of Destiny 2 will be getting the full translation treatment. Not just a menu patch anymore! And we even have a translator on board, and he goes by the name of Kvar.

It’s entirely possible that we could have a full patch for this game before ToP PSX. There are far, FAR fewer technical hurdles in this game comparatively, believe it or not. It’s mostly just a matter of getting some custom utilities coded, getting the script dumped, translated, edited, and re-inserted into the game.

I still do intend to release a menu patch when it’s ready, however.

I’ve added a ton more screenshots showcasing the new font to the ToD2 page.

Tales of Phantasia PSX

I’ve given up on Xero again. In other words, I’m looking for someone to translate the script, again. I’ve given him a very generous amount of time to reply to my sent emails and have received nothing back at all. We’d greatly prefer someone familiar with Tales of Phantasia and has enough knowledge of Japanese to grasp its dialogue with little trouble. Symphonia knowledge a plus.

I’m thinking of putting out a patch soon that implements the better proportionate sprites from the PSP version of the game and also adds multiplayer and manual control mode without using using an accessory (assuming things go well with that. PSP sprites are already a go).

ToP PSP sprites in ToP PSX

Tales of Phantasia THE ANIMATION Episode 4

Hate to break it but this is probably never getting released, since the director and voice actor, Patrick Seitz, for the official English dub has spoken out and confirmed that an English dub for it has been recorded. He even posted on our forum about it.

Bang Zoom’s panel at Anime Expo 2006 also mentioned that it was in production (confirmed there before Mr. Seitz’ blog post, even). So there’s a 99.9% chance that the DVD is indeed coming out here, to be formally announced probably in the not too distant future.

Distribution of released episodes has been halted as a result. The torrents have been deleted from the site and the tracker they were hosted on.

Regardless, translated scripts are still coming out eventually. Including one for episode 4. When it comes out depends on motivation, and honestly this project has been fairly low priority. I’d much rather focus on Tales game translation hacks and my video game backlog in my free time. The fact that I completely hated the 4th episode kinda bolstered the lack of motivation to get the subbed video out, really.

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

The best RPG ever, and sequel to the former best RPG ever, came out a couple days ago. So go buy it, dammit. Or feel the divine wrath of Hrist.

Posted by Cless on 6/21/2006
It would appear that the PS1 version of Tales of Phantasia will soon be dethroned as the best version of the game. A new version is coming out for the PlayStation Portable soon, which appears to be a direct port of the PS1 remake with some additional content (new skits, grade system system from the newer games, more animation videos, and sub-events) and some other minor changes (like redesigned battle sprites, and fully voice-acted storyline dialogue).

Well, personally I was hoping the next version of ToP (if there ever was going to be) would be another fully ground up remake, more like the upcoming and incredibly awesome looking Tales of Destiny remake for the PS2. Although many may disagree, I think that ToP seriously deserves another majorly upgraded remake that helps it feel much less primitive, since the PSX version still came out while the series’s features were maturing. (Basic Tales engine was perfected with Eternia, and that one still holds up well against all the newer games).

Anyway, just because ToP PSX will soon be losing its status as the king of all ToPs, we will not be dropping the translation project! If anything, I’d like to try implementing some of the changes into the PSX version, I can’t guarantee anything. I might be able to put the new battle sprites in if it the format is the same…

Posted by Cless on 6/2/2006
Lessee… Tales of Phantasia PSX. Skeud managed to fix real console compatibility with both the menu and battle 8×8 fonts! Which of course is really cool and helps to increase confidence that our first release (whenever that happens) will run on a real console.

I have updated both the ToP PSX and ToD2 pages with all the recent progress. ToD2’s FAQ was updated and some screenshots that I released only to the forum were added.

Posted by Cless on 5/24/2006
Status update.

Tales of Destiny 2
Still needs translation assistance.

As it is, the tech (buggy), equipment, customize, shop, refine and item menus are translated. The item and cooking recipe lists are also translated. But before we release the first patch I at least want to also have the strategy, enchant, cooking and status menus done as well. Those are a little out of Babelfish’s, Excite translator’s and my league though…

Customize menu

Tales of Phantasia PSX
Skeud is back and implented variable width 8×8 font in battle. It doesn’t yet work on a real PSX.

Battle VWF

He also refined his code for the menu’s 8×8 in an attempt to get it working properly on a real system. It’s halfway there. It actually works as normal, except for that the font colors get all weird. Still works as intended in emulators, though.

A new script dumper is on the way from Klarth, but it still needs work before we get any usable dumps with it.

I’m really hoping that we’ll FINALLY be able to test script insertions by the end of the year. Not a promise, but it could happen!

…but for any real script insertions… I’m on verge of giving up on Xero as script translator (again). I re-sent him the script 10 months ago, and tried getting his status in February, but I’ve still not heard back yet. We’ll see what happens…

Tales of Phantasia THE ANIMATION episode 4
Timed and translated. Needs editing. But the man who’s inserting the script and doing the first draft is currently MIA. D’oh!

Posted by Cless on 4/30/2006
While I am still waiting for progress on Tales of Phantasia PSX from other members of the team (I have done all I can on it since the last update), I have started on a new project.

Tales of Destiny cover It’s still in fairly early stages, but I am working on a menu translation patch. Not for ToP PSX, but for TALES OF DESTINY 2 for the PlayStation 2 system. This is the real Tales of Destiny 2 that is actually a sequel to Tales of Destiny, and not the game we received in the US under that name (which is really Tales of Eternia). It’s been nearly four years since its release and it seems Namco has no interest in releasing it stateside.

At this stage of the game, I’m only intending this to be an english menu patch, or more accurately, a patch of the text in the game’s executable file (which as far as I can tell contains mostly menu text).

Things to note:

The patch is being made for THE ORIGINAL JAPANESE VERSION, with the black label packaging, and most likely will not work on any other language versions, and the Megahits/PlayStation 2 The Best budget label re-releases. I have heard there were differences in the budget label versions (and I don’t know what they are, so don’t ask). If I had access to the re-releases I’d probably port the patch to them, but I don’t.

You will need a copy of the original version of the game, a DVD burner and a modified PS2 system to play this patch. The game runs at an unplayably slow speed in current emulators on decent machines and most likely on high end ones as well. Unless of course 0.5 to 4 frames per second is somehow not a problem for you. That’s what I get on my P4 2.8GHz system with 1GB of RAM and shiny new Radeon X800XT graphics card.

As of now, only the internal fonts will be used for the translation. There doesn’t seem to be any lowercase characters so everything will be in UPPERCASE.

As far as I can tell, the following is in the executable files:

1) Item list/descriptions
2) Titles list/descriptions
3) Skills list/descriptions
4) Main menu text
5) Enchant menu text
6) Monster list
7) Recipe list/descriptions
8) Location names
9) Probably some other stuff that isn’t so obvious to me.

Long-winded description text may not be translated in the first release, we’re going to need a dedicated translator for that stuff.


Tales of Rebirth may also receive such treatment in the future. The game is very, very similar to ToD2 in structure, most likely runs on a modified ToD2 engine. But that’s not a promise so DON’T BUG ME ABOUT IT. I may even regret mentioning this here, but my focus at this point is squarely on Tales of Destiny 2.

Anyway, on the subject of english Tales, if for some reason you haven’t heard the announcement yet, the latest (and likely greatest) Tales was just announced several days ago, Tales of the Abyss! Support the Tales, buy it when it comes out, and stuff, k?

Posted by Cless on 2/1/2006
I’ve updated the Tales of Phantasia PSX project page. Many new screenshots have finally been posted, featuring the latest hacks to the menus, and there’s even a couple of battle shots (though they’re not quite as nice). The FAQ part has received a lot of new entries and parts of it rewritten, so be sure to check it out.

Other news? Klarth wrote a monster list dumper and inserter, and I did a lot more refining to the menu cosmetics, as well as replaced the dialogue font with something that more closely matches the menu font.

And the site. I coverted a lot of code (mostly table properties) to use more CSS and fixed anything that wasn’t W3C compliant. The result is that tables are now colored correctly in Opera.

Posted by Cless on 1/25/2006
You’ve waited over a half a year for it… and now we’re up to date.

So here’s a torrent for the third episode of Tales of Phantasia THE ANIMATION!

Remember to keep seeding even after your download finishes so that the torrent doesn’t die so fast!


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