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Posted by Cless on 9/10/2003
(stupid webhost was down while I wrote this update…)

Alright guys, the boards are back (with thanks to Mr. satsu) with the original database before our hosting got cut off on July 15th. All member accounts are still active so there’s no need to re-register.

There seems to be a problem with the Skin backup file… the Ikonboard board puked on it, saying it’s corrupt (whatever, I can open it fine). *shrug*

Those morons at myikonboard still have yet to fix their system, if they ever will.

So anyway, booya.

Also thanks to the other dudes who offered board hosting.

Posted by Cless on 9/6/2003
Umm… the boards will be coming back in 4-7 days, and stuff. Actually, we could have them back now, but I’m waiting for satsu to get back so I can restore the original message database, avatars and board skin.

Posted by Cless on 8/15/2003
Yeah, the message board is broken. We’re not alone with this problem, and the guys at couldn’t be any less apathetic– even to their PAYING customers (not that I was one, but hey). What wonderful customer service. And we all thought ezboard sucked. satsu, I’ll be contacting you soon.

Posted by Cless on 7/29/2003
Announcement: Even though the ROM of ToP GBA is out now, I have absolutely ZERO interest in dropping the translation of the PSX version in favor of it. Furthermore, I have no plans or much interest whatsoever of starting a project on it. Reason being is that I find it to be more of a downgrade. Toss the SFC version, PSX version, and a bad wavetable soundcard into a blender and you get ToP GBA. Yes. I’m disappointed with it.

Posted by Cless on 7/21/2003
The two largest project pages have been updated, or at least converted to the slightly new site layout. Tales of Phantasia PSX and Final Fantasy VI Hardtype.

Tales of Phantasia has been updated with some lengthy status info, and what’s been going on in the last 1 1/2 years. Also some open staff positions… and how motivation can be increased to get us going active on the project again. Quench that thirst of yours for the knowledge…

Final Fantasy VI Hardtype… sorry guys, 2.0 page isn’t quite ready (I have to write up a completely a new page for that, and don’t quite have the time. It won’t be long til it’s up, so no worries…). I’ve merely updated the HTML and made some minor changes throughout.

Shall update/convert the smaller content pages shortly.

Posted by Cless on 7/18/2003
I spent a good portion of the day working on the site design. As you can see there are no more black borders… this is how I truly intended the site to look all along. I did a number on cleaning up the mess that was the HTML, and now, the site design is finally compatible with Netscape.

I’ve updated all the main indexes too. Rewrote the discriptions for things in there. You might want to read them. However, the main content pages still need working on. Perhaps tomorrow…

There is one rather minor bug though, with IE. If there is no scrollbar present on the right side, it’ll just display a white void in its place. I’m not sure how to fix it.

I hope everyone’s qualms with the old design are put to rest with this one.

Posted by Cless on 7/16/2003 websites are only a memory now. It’s a long story why they’re all gone.

Anyway, even though we’d moved to, we were still using to host the oekaki and message boards. was on a UNIX server and currently runs on a Windows/IIS server. The boards and oekaki software are incompatible so I’m unable to set them up over here.

If anyone knows where I can get hooked up with some free UNIX-based space with all the goodies (perl, php, mysql, etc) drop me a line (email address at the bottom of the page) and maybe we’ll have everything again.

The good news is that if we set up another Ikonboard, we’ll be able to work off the original database. I also saved the skin.

Two, I’ve set up a temporary board here. Unfortunately there was no option to import the database into that.

Three, I saved the Oekaki pictures just in the nick of time, before the server went bewm. Currently I’m sorting through and archiving them as best to my knowledge. T hey’ll be up for download later (links will be on the message board).

Posted by Cless on 5/14/2003
The site recently passed 50,000 hits and I’ve decided it’s really time to retire the counter. It’s gone, and won’t be coming back. Klarth and Suzu keep its old space from being blank.

This news page should now look the way I intended it to under Netscape/Mozilla and Opera thanks to Gogeta75. The other pages including the table contents on the left should follow up soon…

Ooops… for those who’ve been here the last couple days probably wondered what the heck happened with the news page. I was meaning to update one of my other pages (yes, it has a terrible design) and accidently uploaded the html to this space instead, and didn’t notice.

I’m hoping to get a more meaningful update soon here, but right now I’m going through a lot of hell with money. I was just recently scammed and am also dealing with some heavy debt. Trying to get things back on track in life.

Posted by Cless on 3/14/2003
Well, here we are! New host, and our own domain, funded out of the pocket of yours truly. Message boards and forums are still on lfx for now, until I figure out this SQL and PHP stuff…

What’s actually new on the site? Not too much, but I fixed some HTML bugs. One particularly big bug caused the dates to display vertically under Netscape/Mozilla, but it’s been squashed, so the site’s at least a little bit more compatible with those browsers. I didn’t try Opera.

There’s still a problem with the framing effect of the design under Netscape/Mozilla, and I haven’t figured that one out yet. Maybe someday I’ll go through my ugly code and figure it out someday if I feel like it.

You should also notice that I “updated” the character sprites on the left frame to their Tales of Eternia/Narikiri Dungeon 2 counterparts. I like them better, but your mileage may vary. I’m seriously thinking of retiring the hit counter and placing Klarth and Suzu in its place.

If you’re also a user of a higher resolution than 800×600, you might also notice that I fixed the length of this frame so that it no longer stretches out. I always felt that it looked wrong when stretched out that much.

Posted by Cless on 2/17/2003
First this was hosted in mere section at, then broke it away from that into its own site and moved to (now defunct) during the new year of 2001. Then landed into what we thought would possibly be a permanant home, here, at

Well guys, it’s going to happen. Within 4-6 weeks, we’ll be moving on once again.

Why the move? Rest assured, it has nothing to do me disliking azi or anything even remotely like that (because I don’t, he’s a cool guy). You may have noticed that’s speed can be unpredictable lately. at times it can be decently fast, at other times, it can take nearly a full minute to load a page (even on broadband connections).

Despite efforts to reduce bandwidth usage, we are still using a good portion of it compared to other sites on the network. Although we are given this space for free, azi still has to pay $10-$15 a month out of his own pocket to host this site based on our bandwidth use.

Anyway, the site will be moving to a quicker host with its own domain. The host will not be free; it’ll cost $10, give us 10 gigs of bandwidth, and 300MB of disk space per month, which should be plenty.

I’m hoping to have an update on projects after the move, and possibly do some little updates all around the site as well (I wanna do little things like update the sprite graphics on the site to the Narikiri Dungeon 2 battle sprites)

That’s all for now…


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