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Posted by Cless on 11/14/2001

Just some menu fun. Would have the other options translated, but we’re having some technical difficulties with the file their images are stored in.

And there are some other new screens on the MESSAGE BOARD that were posted serveral days ago but not anywhere else (well, satsu stole one of them for the rpgd update :p).

Posted by Cless on 11/6/2001

The screen from yesterday and the new (better) screen today showcase something… the fact that things can now be inserted into Tales of Phantasia. With HUGE thanks to frobnoid, the recompressor is done and does its job well. The above screen showcases that we’ve inserted Tales of Destiny’s 8×8 font into ToP PSX, and also showcases a small rough, quick, abbreviated (or in other words “cybergothed”) translation of the status menu. It has its own share of problems (like the numbers, which we’ll get to sometime later)

And now, a more accurate script size figure: 640k. Factor that in with the 70k or so of misc text and you get 710k. Klarth pretty much finished his script dumper, and was able to give me that number.

In a nutshell, the compression problem has been completely defeated, and we’re now able to show visual progress. The script is just about ready to be handed down to a translator.

We’ve come so far over the last year… how many people believed we’d get here? 🙂

ToP PSX page updated.

And thanks to Wallace Lee, the new MESSAGE BOARD is up. Please use it. 🙂

Posted by Cless on 11/5/2001

It means a lot of things. It does. Moreso than it seems.

A more meaningful update to come…

Posted by Cless on 10/22/2001
We are still in need of ToP LZSS re-compression help. In fact, it’s pretty much what’s next on our list of things to do. Klarth is working valiantly at trying to put one together, but he has little experience working with compression. If you can help him get it together quicker, please visit us on IRC, in #lnftranslations on DALnet.

Klarth recently finished his data file rebuilder, that now does all the nifty stuff we’ve been wanting it to do. As a test of its leetness, I pulled the VAB file (contains a pool of sound files, usually sound effects and/or samples for the game’s .seq [almost identicle to PC MIDI] music format) from Tales of Destiny and replaced the one on ToP with it. Then I rebuilt the data file, the CD, and ran the game. All was almost perfect. The game ran, as expected, with funny sounding music and sound effects! (though I had trouble getting the game to boot normally on my modded PSX, but it’s nothing to worry about for now since I can still easily get the game running on the hardware using a parallel port plugin)

Not only the data file rebuilder, but Klarth’s also made a simple text dumper specially customized for use with ToP PSX. We’ve used it to dump most of the non-script text (heh, I can hear it now, <Klarth> You’re still using the old version, aren’t you? ;p), which weighs in at roughly 70KB dumped. Lina`chan is hacking at it as I type this.

Klarth says a script dumper is on the way…

We have a way of editing the game’s 16×14 dialog font now. We appreciate all who offered help!

And finally, the message board should be back up soon, thanks to Wallace Lee for volunteering to help set it up! (just so you know what to expect, it’ll be an Ikonboard, not an Ultraboard.)

Posted by Cless on 9/27/2001
It’s been 1/3 of a year, so I guess it’s time to give an update. Excuse for not updating: I wanted to wait until we could show off some visual progress with Tales of Phantasia. Unfortunately we still can’t show anything more than what’s already on the page. But I feel it’s been too long now.

Regardless, stuff has in fact happened… most notably, Lina`chan (or was it Filia? She didn’t make it clear…) finished entering the kanji for the 1700+ entry dialog table and it’s now almost completely finished (now we just need to finish figuring out the control codes). Also with the help of satsu and Deltaflame, the little 12×12 kanji table for the techniques and menu kanji is complete. I’m practically done with the 8×8 font, and just need to do some cosmetic work on it.

Klarth, when motivated, is still working on his ToPtool in his free time. He’s still busy at work making the data file rebuilder 100%, and will begin making a script dumper when he settles in XP. LZSS recompression help is needed. If you’re interested with that email me, or speak with Klarth or I in #lnftranslations on DALnet.

And to you utility coders out there with nothing better to do, we need a tile editor that does 1bpp 16xXX mode editing. We are aware that Naga and either version of tilemod have these functions, but A) they either doesn’t work right, or B) don’t display it right. The file in question we are trying to edit is this. (the font itself is 16×14, FYI).

The message board went down. I don’t know why it did. When I feel like working with it again, I’ll get to it…

My internet connection is unstable at the moment, as my free ISP is going out of business soon. My internet presence will be scarce until my DSL connection gets up and running.

Posted by Cless on 5/28/2001
We have a new message board, which is now stored locally. Check it out HERE. It’s barely any different looking than it is straight out of the box, but I’m too tired to customize it now. Hopefully, it will get used more often than the old one…

Oh… not too much new on the project news front. Except that we have extracted all the script data files from Tales of Phantasia (PSX). The game’s script weighs in at about 800KB, twice the figure of the SFC/SNES version. Joy.

Posted by Cless on 5/21/2001
Tales of Phantasia (PSX) translation is going groovily! There is a lot of good news. Check out its page for the update!

HOW WILL TALES OF PHANTASIA BE RELEASED? <– this has got to be the most frequently asked question regarding ToP. Your answer lies in the ToP page, towards the bottom. It’s been there since… forever.

We have received permission from Edward Chang (of Nekomi Kodai) to use his translated/timed script in the Aa! Megamisama movie DVD Subber script. Since the work is pretty much done, there really isn’t much else to do except be sure the timing is compatible with the film.

Posted by Cless on 5/15/2001
Well… turns out curled up and died instead of moving. Now would be a good time for all the translations sites to update about my move…

Anyway, the point of this update is to say that we are interested in delving into a new field of translation– region 2 anime DVD fansubs. Our subs will be different though– they will be legal. How so? We will be creating script files for a program called DVDSubber, a program that syncs subtitles to DVD video on a PC. Yes, these will require you to own the original DVD.

Our first project will be the Ah!/Oh My Goddess!/Aa Megamisama movie, whose DVD is set for release on June 20th. We’ll do our best to get a script out for it ASAP. To minimize turn-around, we’ll be working with a Hong Kong bootleg DVD of the movie (which are already available). Once the authentic version arrives, all we should have to do is simply adjust the timing by x amount and it’ll be ready!
Possible problem: We have the limited DTS edition of the movie on pre-order, not the regular edition. So we’ll be working on the DTS version– and have no idea if the video is set up the same way, and if it isn’t, timing will could be off. If it is, we’ll need to have someone let us know…
It is likely we’ll sub the “Making-of” extra on the limited DVD as well. But that won’t come until sometime after we’ve subbed the movie.

A very likely subbing project after the Aa Megamisama movie will be the Tales of Eternia TV anime series. Maybe, just maybe… we might sub the Hong Kong Flame of Recca bootleg DVDs… the show doesn’t seem like it’ll ever surface on DVD anywhere else… maybe the Mini-Goddesses…

This isn’t spelling the end of our game translations though. In fact, Klarth has just joined up with the Tales of Phantasia PSX project. So welcome him aboard!

Posted by Cless on 5/1/2001
Obviously, we have moved to LFX. is on the verge of moving to Emulation Hell, aka ZTNET servers. The move would force us (but not immediately) to place a banner or pop-up on the page… which is not favorable. Thankees go to azi, and Flobby for letting me takeover/replace the subdomain.

Project news: All projects are on a standstill, and Shinsenden has been cancelled and handed down to someone else who will remain nameless. Its page is not updated though.

This update is brought to you by Cherry:

Posted by Cless on 3/17/2001
Tales of Phantasia PSX found! It has come to my attention that ToP has disappeared from NCS’s list. You can get the game here, though the yen list price is considerably lower than the USD price. They also have Tales of Eternia (ToP’s latest awesome sequel) in stock too and that one’s all but been in stock elsewhere as well.

People wanted it, so here it is. Final Fantasy VI title hack patch. I didn’t make it. Yazoo did.

Posted by Cless on 1/30/2001
Major Breakthrough: The Tales of Phantasia PSX translation project now has the aid of ASM work. Although it is quite minor, we can now show off the -final- Memory Card screen translated to english, thanks to some minor ASM work:

Posted by Cless on 1/11/2001
RELEASE: First version of my PlayStation translation doc. See the Docs page…

Posted by Cless on 1/3/2001
Whoops! Fixed the link to the Tales of Phantasia differences FAQ. Thanks Jair, for pointing that out!

Posted by Cless on 1/1/2001
Welcome. We’re finally open. This page was once just a section over on my other page. Now it has been redesigned into a site of its own. Now with a Tales of Phantasia PSX theme. I attempted to clone the menu screen, but some things just didn’t work as well as I’d hoped.

To show you what we’re working on, here are our current projects and their status:

Tales of Phantasia– PlayStation version. HUGE update since. See page.
Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon– new project! A joint effort between Prez, DDS, and I.
Shinsenden– in a coma until further notice. Needs a translator

Final Fantasy VI Hard Type– … .95b release…

Final Fantasy VI hacking guide– updates on hold mainly due to lack of interest and time at this point. Lots of junk to add and test… sigh.
Tales of Destiny memory card hacking guide– mainly on hold. I would like to finish it soon though…


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