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Star Ocean (SNES) SRAM
Star Ocean title screen A hacked SRAM file that enables all the music and voices (including the dummies) in the original Star Ocean. If I remember right, there are some bugs in the SPC sets out there so this might still have some value in this day and age…

Tales of Destiny (PlayStation 1) Memory card image
Tales of Destiny title screen A save file that starts the game at the earliest point possible with Stahn’s sister Lilith in the party. She’s hardly a secret anymore, but she’s an unused character still hidden within the game code, accessible to hackers, and fun to use.

Note: This can cause small problems when you meet Garr later in the game and your party is full because of her. He won’t be able to join. Luckily, this is only minor and it won’t cause any problems with the game progression.

Ghost Lilith: Halfway through the game when Stahn’s in Lienea, Lilith won’t appear to be there, but she’ll still be talking. If you aren’t familiar with the scene you might get confused. But it’s still passable…


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