Version .6
Created by Cless

Table of Contents

Part 1: Intro and notes
Part 2: Revision History
Part 3: Credits
Part 4: Items
Part 5: Monsters
  AI data (...)
Part 6: Enemy battle formations
 Misc data for each formation
 Magic Points per battle
Part 7: Collosseum
Part 8: Espers
Part 9: Magic
Part 10: Shops
Part 11: Ragnarok Metamorphosis
Part 12: Character Start-up
Part 13: Exp needed for level up
Part 14: HP gained at level up
Part 15: MP gained at level up
Part 16: Music pointers (VERY INCOMPLETE)
Part 17: Text stuff
Part 18: Palettes
 Battle sprite palette pointers
 Battle sprite palettes
 Out of battle sprite palettes
 Wallpaper pallete
Part 19: Stuff
Part 20: Byte Values
Part 21: Help

Part 1: Intro and notes

This file itself was originally just made as a reference for myself while creating my gameplay hack of Final Fantasy VI, titled 'Final Fantasy VI Hard Type'; I then decided that I would clean it up, find some new datas that weren't of any use to me and then release it to (and hopefully overwhelm :P) the public. One reason I wanted to release it so that there could be more GAMEPLAY hacks out there, because I feel there aren't enough and, and frankly, I'm kind of sick of simple graphic/text hacks. With all that's included in this file, hopefully soon there will be some bad-ass hacks of this game, since there is so much data that can be tinkered with. Yet, there's still quite a bit of stuff I'm trying to find (see part 21!).

This file was created in HTML because I felt it would be too tedious to navigate through as plain text. Either way, I prefer documents written in HTML than any standard text format anyways. So enjoy all the nifty quick jumps...

Part 2: Revision History


-A pre-release. I'm releasing this earlier than I had planned. Many bytes are not figured out right now (but they'd otherwise be figured out if I had released it at a planned time.). Some sections might not even have anything entered in them. I'm releasing this almost as is (with a bit of minor editing). Some things might not have the right formatting. You're getting what you paid for. Bah humbug.

I released this early because I'm currently _not_ in a ROM hacking mood right now and only god knows when I will be again (I'd rather be tinkering with VERGE 2 right now, and I'm also getting Tales of Phantasia (PSX remake), Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy Anthology OR Suikdoen II, Thousand Arms and LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete, so count 'em, that's FIVE new nice long RPGs for Christmas, so I'll be busy for awhile. What all that means is that there would've been a million more delays before I felt like getting full real deal out).

Part 3: Credits

Roto- Found Item data, Monster data (stats and steal/drop data), Shop data, and the Esper data. Also figured out what some bytes pertained to in the data he found.

CzarDragon- Found Ragnarok Metamorphosis data, and Enemy Formations data.

Master ZED- Gave me some pointers on the tenth byte of the magic data, and a VERY VERY big thanks for the major help with the enemy magic! (found the AI script -pointers- and is doing well in helping me crack the AI data format!)

Lord J- Yes, I stole some of the wonderful info from your page! Includes some byte info on some things I haven't figured out yet, all the palette data here, quite a bit more stuff I can't remember...

Me (Cless)- Created the file, Found monster data (Control, Rage, and AI script data), Colosseum data, Magic data, character Start-up data, character Desperation attack data, Exp needed for level up data, figured out most of the byte values, and figured out the rest of what bytes pertained to what.

Part 4: Items data

This is really cool. If you know what you are doing, you can practically create new items, at the cost of changing another. Also, some bytes are only used by certain item types, I think.

Pre-release note: Umm, some of the byte descriptions for some bytes may be wrong. I really haven't messed with this stuf much.

Data (185200 - ??????)

Structure: 30 bytes per item


1: Item type
Who equips #1
3: Who equips #2
4: (nothing?)
5: (nothing?)
6: Relic effect 1
7: ?
8: Relic effect 2
9: Status Effect
10: ?
11: ?
12: Relic effect 3
13: ?
14: ?
15: ?
16: Attack elements
17: Speed (first half), Vigor (second half 18: Mag.Pwr (first half), Stamina (second half)
19: ?
20: Abilities can be used
21: Bat.Pwr
22: Hit % rate
23: Absorb HP (armor only)
24: No effect (armor only)
25: Weak point (armor only)
26: Status effects (?) if used (armor only?)
27: MBlock % (first half), Evade % (second half)
28: ?
29: Lo price
30: Hi price


1: Item type
Who equips #1
3: Who equips #2
4: Spell Learn Rate
5: Magic spell to learn
6: ?
7: ?
8: ?
9: Status Effect
10: ?
11: ?
12: Relic effect
13: ?
14: ?
15: ?
16: 50% Damage
17: Speed (first half), Vigor (second half)
18: Mag.Pwr (first half), Stamina (second half)
19: ?
21: Defense
22: Mag.Def
23: Absorb HP
24: No effect
25: Weak point
26: Status effects (?) if used
27: MBlock % and Evade %
28: ?
29: Lo price
30: Hi price


1: Item type
Who equips #1
3: Who equips #2
6: ?
7: ?
8: ?
9: Status Effect
10: ?
11: ?
12: Relic effect
13: ?
14: ?
15: ?
19: ?
26: Status effects (?) if used (armor only?)
28: ?
29: Lo price
30: Hi price

Item locations:

185200: Dirk
18521E: MithrilKnife
18523C: Guardian
18525A: Air Lancet
185278: ThiefKnife
185296: Assassin
1852B4: Man Eater
1852D2: SwordBreaker
1852F0: Graedus
18530E: ValiantKnife
18532C: MithrilBlade
18534A: RegalCutlass
185368: Rune Edge
185386: Flame Sabre
1853A4: Blizzard
1853C2: ThunderBlade
1853E0: Epee
1853FE: BreakBlade
18541C: Drainer
18543A: Enhancer
185458: Crystal
185476: Falchion
185494: Soul Sabre
1854B2: Ogre Nix
1854D0: Excalibur
1854EE: Scimitar
18550C: Illumina
18552A: Ragnarok
185548: Atma Weapon
185566: Mithril Pike
185584: Trident
1855A2: Stout Spear
1855C0: Partisan
1855DE: Pearl Lance
1855FC: Gold Lance
18561A: Aura Lance
185638: Imp Halberd
185656: Imperial
185674: Kodachi
185692: Blossom
1856B0: Hardened
1856CE: Striker
1856EC: Stunner
18570A: Ashura
185728: Kotetsu
185746: Forged
185764: Tempest
185782: Murasame
1857A0: Aura
1857BE: Strato
1857DC: Sky Render
1857FA: Heal Rod
185818: Mithril Rod
185836: Fire Rod
185854: Ice Rod
185872: Thunder Rod
185890: Poison Rod
1858AE: Pearl Rod
1858CC: Gravity Rod
1858EA: Punisher
185908: Magus Rod
185926: Chocobo Brsh
185944: DaVinci Brsh
185962: Magical Brsh
185980: Rainbow Brsh
18599E: Shuriken
1859BC: Ninja Star
1859DA: Tack Star
1859F8: Flail
185A16: Full Moon
185A34: Morning Star
185A52: Boomerang
185A70: Rising Sun
185A8E: Hawk Eye
185AAC: Bone Club
185ACA: Sniper
185AE8: Wing Edge
185B06: Cards
185B24: Darts
185B42: Doom Darts
185B60: Trump
185B7E: Dice
185B9C: Fixed Dice
185BBA: MetalKnuckle
185BD8: MithrilClaw
185BF6: Kaiser
185C14: Poison Claw
185C32: Fire Knuckle
185C50: Dragon Claw
185C6E: Tiger Fangs
185C8C: Buckler
185CAA: Heavy Shld
185CC8: Mithril Shld
185CE6: Gold Shld
185D04: Aegis Shld
185D22: Diamond Shld
185D40: Flame Shld
185D5E: Ice Shld
185D7C: Thunder Shld
185D9A: Crystal Shld
185D88: Genji Shld
185DD6: TortoiseShld
185DF4: Cursed Shld
185E12: Paladin Shld
185E30: Force Shld
185E4E: Leather Hat
185E6C: Hair Band
185E8A: Plumed Hat
185EA8: Beret
185EC6: Magus Hat
185EE4: Bandana
185F02: Iron Helmet
185F20: Coronet
185F3E: Bard's Hat
185F5C: Green Beret
185F7A: Head Band
185F98: Mithril Helm
185FB6: Tiara
185FD4: Gold Helmet
185FF2: Tiger Mask
186010: Red Cap
18602E: Mystery Veil
18604C: Circlet
18606A: Regal Crown
186088: Diamond Helm
1860A6: Dark Hood
1860C4: Crystal Helm
1860E2: Oath Veil
186100: Cat Hood
18611E: Genji Helmet
18613C: Thornlet
18615A: Titanium
186178: LeatherArmor
186196: Cotton Robe
1861B4: Kung Fu Suit
1861D2: Iron Armor
1861F0: Silk Robe
18620E: Mithril Vest
18622C: Ninja Gear
18624A: White Dress
186268: Mithril Mail
186286: Gaia Gear
1862A4: Mirage Vest
1862C2: Gold Armor
1862E0: Power Sash
1862FE: Light Robe
18631C: Diamond Vest
18633A: Red Jacket
186358: Force Armor
186376: DiamondArmor
186394: Dark Gear
1863B2: Tao Robe
1863D0: Crystal Mail
1863EE: Czarina Gown
18640C: Genji Armor
18642A: Imp's Armor
186448: Minerva
186466: Tabby Suit
186484: Chocobo Suit
1864A2: Moogle Suit
1864C0: Nutkin Suit
1864DE: BehemothSuit
1864FC: Snow Muffler
18651A: NoiseBlaster
186538: Bio Blaster
A5: Flash
A6: Chain Saw
A7: Debilitator
A8: Drill
A9: Air Anchor
AA: AutoCrossbow
AB: Fire Skean
AC: Water Edge
AD: Bolt Edge
AE: Inviz Edge
AF: Shadow Edge
B0: Goggles
B1: Star Pendant
B2: Peace Ring
B3: Amulet
B4: White Cape
B5: Jewel Ring
B6: Fairy Ring
B7: Barrier Ring
B8: MithrilGlove
B9: Guard Ring
BA: RunningShoes
BB: Wall Ring
BC: Cherub Down
BD: Cure Ring
BE: True Knight
BF: DragoonBoots
C0: Zephyr Cape
C1: Czarina Ring
C2: Cursed Ring
C3: Earrings
C4: Atlas Armlet
C5: Blizzard Orb
C6: Rage Ring
C7: Sneak Ring
C8: Pod Bracelet
C9: Hero Ring
CA: Ribbon
CB: Muscle Belt
CC: Crystal Orb
CD: Gold Hairpin
CE: Economizer
CF: Thief Glove
D0: Gauntlet
D1: Genji Glove
D2: Hyper Wrist
D3: Offering
D4: Beads
D5: Black Belt
D6: Coin Toss
D7: FakeMustache
D8: Gem Box
D9: Dragon Horn
DA: Merit Award
DB: Memento Ring
DC: Safety Bit
DD: Relic Ring
DE: Moogle Charm
DF: Charm Bangle
E0: Marvel Shoes
E1: Back Guard
E2: Gale Hairpin
E3: Sniper Sight
E4: Exp. Egg
E5: Tintinabar
E6: Sprint Shoes
E7: Rename Card
E8: Tonic
E9: Potion
EA: X-Potion
EB: Tincture
EC: Ether
ED: X-Ether
EE: Elixir
EF: Megalixir
F0: Fenix Down
F1: Revivify
F2: Antidote
F3: Eyedrop
F4: Soft
F5: Remedy
F6: Sleeping Bag
F7: Tent
F8: Green Cherry
F9: Magicite
FA: Super Ball
FB: Echo Screen
FC: Smoke Bomb
FD: Warp Stone
FE: Dried Meat
FF: Empty

Part 5: Monsters

(nice big offset table way below... have fun with it)

Status (F0200 - F31FF)

Structure: 32 bytes per monster

#: Attributes to:
1: Speed
2: Attack
3: Hit %
4: Evade %
5: Magic Block
6: Defense
7: Magic Defense
8: Magic Power
9: Lo HP
10: Hi HP
11: Lo MP
12: Hi MP
13: Lo EXP
14: Hi EXP
15: Lo GP
16: Hi GP
17: Level
18: Morph template
19: Misc byte
20: Misc byte 2
21: Block Status 1
22: Block Status 2
23: Block Status 3
24: Absorb
25: No Effect
26: Weakness
27: Attack type
28: Status 1
29: Status 2
30: Status 3
31: Status 4
32: Special attack attribute

Items: (F3200-F37FF)

Structure: 4 bytes per monster

Steal item 1 (rare)
2: Steal item 2 (common)
3: Leave item 1 (rare)
4: Leave item 2 (common)

Steal and Leave slot 1 control the 'rare' item. Items in the 'common' slots tend to come very very frequently, so if you only want the item to be left once in awhile, stick it in the rare slot and leave the common slot empty. If there is a different item in both common or rare slots, you're pretty much guranteed to get one, though obviously, the one in the common slot will appear more often. If the rare AND common slots of either of the two are filled with the same item, it's a guaranteed stolen/left item.

Magic/Special attacks (F8600-F88FF)

(This data is actually divided into two parts. One part are the pointers (this portion) to the enemies attack data/AI and the second part IS the attack data/AI location.)
Structure: 2 bytes per monster

1: AI script pointer x1
2: AI script pointer x256

These bytes simply point to a particular byte in the massive AI data. To calculate the location of an enemie's AI script, take byte 2, and multiply it by FFh, and ADD the amount in byte 1. Now that you have figured out how many bytes the script pointers are together, add F8900 and you'll get the exact location of where exactly the enemy's AI data begins. To make things confusing, the size of each AI is varied.
AI script data (F8900-FC24F)

Structure: The entire thing

This here takes the cake for being the most difficult data I've found in the ROM (well, besides the world map's compression).

There is no particular size for any AI script, and that's one big reason why this whole thing is such a bitch to figure out. The enemy script pointers simply point to a particular byte in this whole labyrnith. They always seem to point to an 'attack type' byte (the value begins with "F"), and gives a list of attacks used afterward. But that's only how simple scripts are. We have yet to figure out what controls counter attacks, final death attacks and how the actual script ends, etc.

For all I can tell you so far...

The "attack type" can only be one that begins with an F. If it's something else, it'll be 'defaulted' as a magic attack.

If the attack type byte is:

F0: Magic Attack
F4: Character battle command
F6: Throw item

Simply changing the attack type byte will affect what the next set up values will be. Because of this, something tells me we're hacking ASM commands...

Much of this helpful info came from Master ZED. If it weren't for him, I probably would've given on up this. Just what we've figured out was over a span of a couple of months of on and off testings. If you want to help figure it out completely, tell me about your additional findings. :)

Control: (F3F00-F44FF)

Structure: 4 bytes per monster

1: Spell 1
2: Spell 2
3: Spell 3
4: Spell 4

This is to change each individual battle window for each monster with Relms' Control command. You can give them anything classified as a magic spell.

Sketch: (F4500-F47FF)

Structure: 2 bytes per monster

Spell 1
2: Spell 2

Yay, the data that changes what spells enemies use when Relm sketches them.

Structure: 2 bytes per monster

Rage: (F4800-F49FF)

Structure: 2 bytes per monster

Spell 1
2: Spell 2

Want to make Rage a better command (IYO)? Then this is for you. Each enemy is allotted 2 bytes for the spells they use when a character use the Rage command. The normal game ALWAYS uses the first byte as the normal attack. However, the second one is normally used as the special attack/magic spell. But with this, you can change the normal attack into anything classified as a spell, so instead of one, each of Rage can have TWO special attacks.

Offset table

Have fun with this table, like I did making it (me got a sore finger from pasting all the damn HTML hundreds of times...) and calculating each offset...

Guard_____: F0200 F3200 F3F00 F4500 F4800
Soldier___: F0220 F3204 F3F04 F4502 F4802
Templar___: F0240 F3208 F3F08 F4504 F4804
Ninja_____: F0260 F320C F3F0C F4506 F4806
Samurai___: F0280 F3210 F3F10 F4508 F4808
Orog______: F02A0 F3214 F3F14 F450A F480A
Mag Roader: F02C0 F3218 F3F18 F450C F480C
Retainer__: F02E0 F321C F3F1C F450E F480E
Hazer_____: F0300 F3220 F3F20 F4510 F4810
Dahling___: F0320 F3224 F3F24 F4512 F4812
Rain Man__: F0340 F3228 F3F28 F4514 F4814
Brawler___: F0360 F322C F3F2C F4516 F4816
Apokryphos: F0380 F3230 F3F30 F4518 F4818
Dark Force: F03A0 F3234 F3F34 F451A F481A
Whisper___: F03C0 F3238 F3F38 F451C F481C
Over-Mind_: F03E0 F323C F3F3C F451E F481E
Osteosaur_: F0400 F3240 F3F40 F4520 F4820
Commander_: F0420 F3244 F3F44 F4522 F4822
Rhodox____: F0440 F3248 F3F48 F4524 F4824
Were-Rat__: F0460 F324C F3F4C F4526 F4826
Ursus_____: F0480 F3250 F3F50 F4528 F4828
Rhinotaur_: F04A0 F3254 F3F54 F452A F482A
Steroidite: F04C0 F3258 F3F58 F452C F482C
Leafer____: F04E0 F325C F3F5C F452E F482E
Stray Cat_: F0500 F3260 F3F60 F4530 F4830
Lobo______: F0520 F3264 F3F64 F4532 F4832
Doberman__: F0540 F3268 F3F68 F4534 F4834
Vomammoth_: F0560 F326C F3F6C F4536 F4836
Fidor_____: F0580 F3270 F3F70 F4538 F4838
Baskervor_: F05A0 F3274 F3F74 F453A F483A
Suriander_: F05C0 F3278 F3F78 F453C F483C
Chimera___: F05E0 F327C F3F7C F453E F483E
Behemoth__: F0600 F3280 F3F80 F4540 F4840
Mesosaur__: F0620 F3284 F3F84 F4542 F4842
Pterodon__: F0640 F3288 F3F88 F4544 F4844
FossilFang: F0660 F328C F3F8C F4546 F4866
White Drgn: F0680 F3290 F3F90 F4548 F4869
Doom Drgn_: F06A0 F3294 F3F94 F454A F486A
Brachosaur: F06C0 F3298 F3F98 F454C F486C
Tyranosaur: F06E0 F329C F3F9C F454E F486E
Dark Wind_: F0700 F32A0 F3FA0 F4550 F4850
Beakor____: F0720 F32A4 F3FA4 F4552 F4852
Vulture___: F0740 F32A8 F3FA8 F4554 F4854
Harpy_____: F0760 F32AC F3FAC F4556 F4856
HermitCrab: F0780 F32B0 F3FB0 F4558 F4858
Trapper___: F07A0 F32B4 F3FB4 F455A F485A
Hornet____: F07C0 F32B8 F3FB8 F455C F485C
CrassHoppr: F07E0 F32BC F3FBC F455E F485E
Delta Bug_: F0800 F32C0 F3FC0 F4560 F4860
Gilomantis: F0820 F32C4 F3FC4 F4562 F4862
Trilium___: F0840 F32C8 F3FC8 F4564 F4864
Nightshade: F0860 F32CC F3FCC F4566 F4866
TumbleWeed: F0880 F32D0 F3FD0 F4568 F4868
Bloompire_: F08A0 F32D4 F3FD4 F456A F486A
Trilobiter: F08C0 F32D8 F3FD8 F456C F486C
Siegfried_: F08E0 F32DC F3FDC F456E F486E
Nautiloid_: F0900 F32E0 F3FE0 F4570 F4870
Exocite___: F0920 F32E4 F3FE4 F4572 F4872
Anguiform_: F0940 F32E8 F3FE8 F4574 F4874
Reach Frog: F0960 F32EC F3FEC F4576 F4876
Lizard____: F0980 F32F0 F3FF0 F4578 F4878
ChickenLip: F09A0 F32F4 F3FF4 F457A F487A
Hoover____: F09C0 F32F8 F3FF8 F457C F487C
Rider_____: F09E0 F32FC F3FFC F457E F487E
Chupon____: F0A00 F3300 F4000 F4580 F4880
Pipsqueak_: F0A20 F3304 F4004 F4582 F4882
M-TekArmor: F0A40 F3308 F4008 F4584 F4884
Sky Armor_: F0A60 F330C F400C F4586 F4886
Telstar___: F0A80 F3310 F4010 F4588 F4888
Lethal Wpn: F0AA0 F3314 F4014 F458A F488A
Vaporite__: F0AC0 F3318 F4018 F458C F488C
Flan______: F0AE0 F331C F401C F458E F488E
Ing_______: F0B00 F3320 F4020 F4590 F4890
Humpty____: F0B20 F3324 F4024 F4592 F4892
Brainpan__: F0B40 F3328 F4028 F4594 F4894
Cruller___: F0B60 F332C F402C F4596 F4896
Cactrot___: F0B80 F3330 F4030 F4598 F4898
Repo Man__: F0BA0 F3334 F4034 F459A F489A
Harvester_: F0BC0 F3338 F4038 F459C F489C
Bomb______: F0BE0 F333C F403C F459E F489E
Still Life: F0C00 F3340 F4040 F45A0 F48A0
Boxed Set_: F0C20 F3344 F4044 F45A2 F48A2
SlamDancer: F0C40 F3348 F4048 F45A4 F48A4
HadesGigas: F0C60 F334C F404C F45A6 F48A6
Pug_______: F0C80 F3350 F4050 F45A8 F48A8
Magic Urn_: F0CA0 F3354 F4054 F45AA F48AA
Mover_____: F0CC0 F3358 F4058 F45AC F48AC
Figaliz___: F0CE0 F335C F405C F45AE F48AE
Buffalax__: F0D00 F3360 F4060 F45B0 F48B0
Aspik_____: F0D20 F3364 F4064 F45B2 F48B2
Ghost_____: F0D40 F3368 F4068 F45B4 F48B4
Crawler___: F0D60 F336C F406C F45B6 F48B6
Sand Ray__: F0D80 F3370 F4070 F45B8 F48B8
Areneid___: F0DA0 F3374 F4074 F45BA F48BA
Actaneon__: F0DC0 F3378 F4078 F45BC F48BC
Sand Horse: FODE0 F337C F407C F45BE F48BE
Dark Side_: F0E00 F3380 F4080 F45C0 F48C0
Mad Oscar_: F0E20 F3384 F4084 F45C2 F48C2
Crawly____: F0E40 F3388 F4088 F4554 F48C4
Bleary____: F0E60 F338C F408C F45C6 F48C6
Marshal___: F0E80 F3390 F4090 F45C8 F48C8
Trooper___: F0EA0 F3394 F4094 F45CA F48CA
General___: F0EC0 F3398 F4098 F45CC F48CC
Covert____: F0EE0 F339C F409C F45CE F48CE
Ogor______: F0F00 F33A0 F40A0 F45D0 F48D0
Warlock___: F0F20 F33A4 F40A4 F45D2 F48D2
Madam_____: F0F40 F33A8 F40A8 F45D4 F48D4
Joker_____: F0F60 F33AC F40AC F45D6 F48D6
Iron Fist_: F0F80 F33B0 F40B0 F45D8 F48D8
Goblin____: F0FA0 F33B4 F40B4 F45DA F48DA
Apparite__: F0FC0 F33B8 F40B8 F45DC F48DC
PowerDemon: F0FE0 F33BC F40BC F45DE F48DE
Displayer_: F1000 F33C0 F40C0 F45E0 F48E0
Vector Pup: F1020 F33C4 F40C4 F45E2 F48E2
Peepers___: F1040 F33C8 F40C8 F45E4 F48E4
Sewer Rat_: F1060 F33CC F40CC F45E6 F48E6
Slatter___: F1080 F33D0 F40D0 F45E8 F48E8
Rhinox____: F10A0 F33D4 F40D4 F45EA F48EA
Rhobite___: F10C0 F33D8 F40D8 F45EC F48EC
Wild Cat__: F10E0 F33DC F40DC F45EE F48EE
Red Fang__: F1100 F33E0 F40E0 F45F0 F48F0
Bounty Man: F1120 F33E4 F40E4 F45F2 F48F2
Tusker____: F1140 F33E8 F40E8 F45F4 F48F4
Ralph_____: F1160 F33EC F40EC F45F6 F48F6
Chitonid__: F1180 F33F0 F40F0 F45F8 F48F8
Wart Puck_: F11A0 F33F4 F40F4 F45FA F48FA
Rhyos_____: F11C0 F33F8 F40F8 F45FC F48FC
SrBehemoth: F11E0 F33FC F40FC F45FE F48FE
Vectaur___: F1200 F3400 F4100 F4600 F4900
Wyvern____: F1220 F3404 F4104 F4602 F4902
Zombone___: F1240 F3408 F4108 F4604 F4904
Dragon____: F1260 F340C F410C F4606 F4906
Brontaur__: F1280 F3410 F4110 F4608 F4908
Allosaurus: F12A0 F3414 F4114 F460A F490A
Cirpius___: F12C0 F3418 F4118 F460C F490C
Sprinter__: F12E0 F341C F411C F460E F490E
Gobbler___: F1300 F3420 F4120 F4610 F4910
Harpiai___: F1320 F3424 F4124 F4612 F4912
GloomShell: F1340 F3428 F4128 F4614 F4914
Drop______: F1360 F342C F412C F4616 F4916
Mind Candy: F1380 F3430 F4130 F4618 F4918
WeedFeeder: F13A0 F3434 F4134 F461A F491A
Luridan___: F13C0 F3438 F4138 F461C F491C
Toe Cutter: F13E0 F343C F413C F461E F491E
Over Grunk: F1400 F3440 F4140 F4620 F4920
Exoray____: F1420 F3444 F4144 F4622 F4922
Crusher___: F1440 F3448 F4148 F4624 F4924
Uroburos__: F1460 F344C F414C F4626 F4926
Primordite: F1480 F3450 F4150 F4628 F4928
Sky Cap___: F14A0 F3454 F4154 F462A F492A
Cephaler__: F14C0 F3458 F4158 F462C F492C
Maliga____: F14E0 F345C F415C F462E F492E
Gigan Toad: F1500 F3460 F4160 F4630 F4930
Geckorex__: F1520 F3464 F4164 F4632 F4932
Cluck_____: F1540 F3468 F4168 F4634 F4934
Land Worm_: F1560 F346C F416C F4636 F4936
Test Rider: F1580 F3470 F4170 F4638 F4938
PlutoArmor: F15A0 F3474 F4174 F463A F493A
Tomb Thumb: F15C0 F3478 F4178 F463C F493C
HeavyArmor: F15E0 F347C F417C F463E F493E
Chaser____: F1600 F3480 F4180 F4640 F4940
Scullion__: F1620 F3484 F4184 F4642 F4942
Poplium___: F1640 F3488 F4188 F4644 F4944
Intangir__: F1660 F348C F418C F4646 F4946
Misfit____: F1680 F3490 F4190 F4648 F4948
Eland_____: F16A0 F3494 F4194 F464A F494A
Enuo______: F16C0 F3498 F4198 F464C F494C
Deep Eye__: F16E0 F349C F419C F464E F494E
GreaseMonk: F1700 F34A0 F41A0 F4650 F4950
NeckHunter: F1720 F34A4 F41A4 F4652 F4952
Grenade___: F1740 F34A8 F41A8 F4654 F4954
Critic____: F1760 F34AC F41AC F4656 F4956
Pan Dora__: F1780 F34B0 F41B0 F4658 F4958
SoulDancer: F17A0 F34B4 F41B4 F465A F495A
Gigantos__: F17C0 F34B8 F41B8 F465C F495C
Mag Roader: F17E0 F34BC F41BC F465E F495E
Spek Tor__: F1800 F34C0 F41C0 F4660 F4960
Parasite__: F1820 F34C4 F41C4 F4662 F4962
EarthGuard: F1840 F34C8 F41C8 F4664 F4964
Coelecite_: F1860 F34CC F41CC F4666 F4966
Anemone___: F1880 F34D0 F41D0 F4668 F4968
Hipocampus: F18A0 F34D4 F41D4 F466A F496A
Spectre___: F18C0 F34D8 F41D8 F466C F496C
Evil Oscar: F18E0 F34DC F41DC F466E F496E
Slurm_____: F1900 F34E0 F41E0 F4670 F4970
Latimeria_: F1920 F34E4 F41E4 F4672 F4972
StillGoing: F1940 F34E8 F41E8 F4674 F4974
Allo Ver__: F1960 F34EC F41EC F4676 F4976
Phase_____: F1980 F34F0 F41F0 F4678 F4978
Outsider__: F19A0 F34F4 F41F4 F467A F497A
Barb-e____: F19C0 F34F8 F41F8 F467C F497C
Parasoul__: F19E0 F34FC F41FC F467E F497E
Pm Stalker: F1A00 F3500 F4200 F4680 F4980
Hemophyte_: F1A20 F3504 F4204 F4682 F4982
Sp Forces_: F1A40 F3508 F4208 F4684 F4984
Nohrabbit_: F1A60 F350C F420C F4686 F4986
Wizard____: F1A80 F3510 F4210 F4688 F4988
Scrapper__: F1AA0 F3514 F4214 F468A F498A
Ceritops__: F1AC0 F3518 F4218 F468C F498C
Commando__: F1AE0 F351C F421C F468E F498E
Opinicus__: F1B00 F3520 F4220 F4690 F4990
Poppers___: F1B20 F3524 F4224 F4692 F4992
Lunaris___: F1B40 F3528 F4228 F4694 F4994
Garm______: F1B60 F352C F422C F4696 F4996
Vindr_____: F1B80 F3530 F4230 F4698 F4998
Kiwok_____: F1BA0 F3534 F4234 F469A F499A
Nastidon__: F1BC0 F3538 F4238 F469C F499C
Rinn______: F1BE0 F353C F423C F469E F499E
Insecare__: F1C00 F3540 F4240 F46A0 F49A0
Vermin____: F1C20 F3544 F4244 F46A2 F49A2
Mantodea__: F1C40 F3548 F4248 F46A4 F49A4
Bogy______: F1C60 F354C F424C F46A6 F49A6
Prussian__: F1C80 F3550 F4250 F46A8 F49A8
Black Drgn: F1CA0 F3554 F4254 F46AA F49AA
Adamanchyt: F1CC0 F3558 F4258 F46AC F49AC
Dante_____: F1CE0 F355C F425C F46AE F49AE
Wirey Drgn: F1D00 F3560 F4260 F46B0 F49B0
Dueller___: F1D20 F3564 F4264 F46B2 F49B2
Psychot___: F1D40 F3568 F4268 F46B4 F49B4
Muus______: F1D60 F356C F426C F46B6 F49B6
Karkass___: F1D80 F3570 F4270 F46B8 F49B8
Punisher__: F1DA0 F3574 F4274 F46BA F49BA
Balloon___: F1DC0 F3578 F4278 F46BC F49BC
Gabbldegak: F1DE0 F357C F427C F46BE F49BE
GtBehemoth: F1E00 F3580 F4280 F46C0 F49C0
Scorpion__: F1E20 F3584 F4284 F46C2 F49C2
Chaos Drgn: F1E40 F3588 F4288 F46C4 F49C4
Spit Fire_: F1E60 F358C F428C F46C6 F49C6
Vectagoyle: F1E80 F3590 F4290 F46C8 F49C8
Lich______: F1EA0 F3594 F4294 F46CA F49CA
Osprey____: F1EC0 F3598 F4298 F46CC F49CC
Mag Roader: F1EE0 F359C F429C F46CE F49CE
Bug_______: F1F00 F35A0 F42A0 F46D0 F49D0
Sea Flower: F1F20 F35A4 F42A4 F46D2 F49D2
Fortis____: F1F40 F35A8 F42A8 F46D4 F49D4
Abolisher_: F1F60 F35AC F42AC F46D6 F49D6
Aquila____: F1F80 F35B0 F42B0 F46D8 F49D8
Junk______: F1FA0 F35B4 F42B4 F46DA F49DA
Mandrake__: F1FC0 F35B8 F42B8 F46DC F49DC
1st Class_: F1FE0 F35BC F42BC F46DE F49DE
Tap Dancer: F2000 F35C0 F42C0 F46E0 F49E0
Necromancr: F2020 F35C4 F42C4 F46E2 F49E2
Borras____: F2040 F35C8 F42C8 F46E4 F49E4
Mag Roader: F2060 F35CC F42CC F46E6 F49E6
Wild Rat__: F2080 F35D0 F42D0 F46E8 F49E8
Gold Bear_: F20A0 F35D4 F42D4 F46EA F49EA
Innoc_____: F20C0 F35D8 F42D8 F46EC F49EC
Trixter___: F20E0 F35DC F42DC F46EE F49EE
Red Wolf__: F2100 F35E0 F42E0 F46F0 F49F0
Didalos___: F2120 F35E4 F42E4 F46F2 F49F2
Woolly____: F2140 F35E8 F42E8 F46F4 F49F4
Veteran___: F2160 F35EC F42EC F46F6 F49F6
Sky Base__: F2180 F35F0 F42F0 F46F8 F49F8
IronHitman: F21A0 F35F4 F42F4 F46FA F49FA
Io________: F21C0 F35F8 F42F8 F46FC F49FC

If you want the partial easy way out of doing this, you can Lord J's Monster Editor located at Zophar's Domain. It currently only edits the monsters' stats and stealable items, and not the Rage/Sketch/Control data.
Part 6: Enemy battle "formations" (F6400 - F85B0)

Change the battles that appear. Using this stuff you can change the enemies in a battle, or if you want to make a fight harder, you can add more of the same.

Structure: 15 bytes per battle

1: The 'graphic fixer' byte
2: (Has something to do with the # of enemies...)
Monster 1 If monster is a boss
4: Monster 2 If monster is a boss
5: Monster 3 If monster is a boss
6: Monster 4 If monster is a boss
7: Monster 5 If monster is a boss
8: Monster 6 If monster is a boss
9: Monster 1 Position
10: Monster 2 Position
11: Monster 3 Position
12: Monster 4 Position
13: Monster 5 Position
14: Monster 6 Position
15: Monster types (normal/boss)

This stuff can really be a pain in the butt work with in hex editor. The main reason is because of the friggin # of battle types this game holds. It's thanks to Lord J for creating his FF6 Monster Edit and implementing a 'Make report' option that makes it so that it dumps all the enemy battle formations into a nifty txt file. There was NO WAY I was going to find out what each battle was on my own (would've taken too much time). But because of Lord J's excellent program, the list of battles can be found here. To calculate the location of the battle you want to edit manually, do this:

1) Open up battles.txt
2) Look at the number of the battle you want to edit, and convert it to hex.
3) Multiply that number by E.
4) Then add F6400. This marks the location of the battle.

If you want the easy way out, go ahead and use Lord J's Monster Editor located at Zophar's Domain. Not that it will help with fixing the graphic, though.
Misc Data for each formation

Magic Points per battle (IFB600-IFB7FF)

Structure: 1 byte

1: Amount of Magic Points for that particular battle

This data is interesting. There are 576 battle formations, however with this, you can only set the number of Magic Points gained for the first 512. Is that not interesting? Right after battle #512 begins the Colosseum data.

Now, let's get down to the meat of this data. Remember how in the original FF6, monsters would only drop at the most 10 Magic Points? With this, it's possible to make them drop up to 255. You could make yourself a super tough fight and make it drop like 50 or something...

Part 7: Colosseum data (1FB800 - 1FFBBF)

Structure: 4 bytes per battle

Monster to fight
2: ? (all collosseum battles share the same value...)
3: Item won
4: Show won item name? (00: Yes, FF: No [show name as ????????????])

The data goes in the order of the item bet. The items order is the games' order of importance, so the first item would be the result of a Dirk and so on.

Part 8: Esper Data (187000 - 187127)

Structure: 11 bytes per Esper

1: Spell 1 Learn rate
2: Spell 1
3: Spell 2 Learn rate
4: Spell 2
5: Spell 3 Learn rate
6: Spell 3
7: Spell 4 Learn rate
8: Spell 4
9: Spell 5 Learn rate
10: Spell 5
11: Level up bonus

Ramuh___: 187000
Ifrit___: 18700B
Shiva___: 187016
Siren___: 187021
Terrato_: 18702C
Shoat___: 187037
Maduin__: 187042
Bismark_: 18704D
Stray___: 187058
Palador_: 187063
Tritoch_: 18706E
Odin____: 187079
Raiden__: 187084
Bahamut_: 18708F
Alexandr: 18709A
Crusader: 1870A5
Ragnarok: 1870B0
Kirin___: 1870BB
ZoneSeek: 1870C6
Carbunkl: 1870D1
Phantom_: 1870DC
Sraphim_: 1870E7
Golem___: 1870F2
Unicorn_: 1870FD
Fenrir__: 187108
Starlet_: 187113
Phoenix_: 18711E

Part 9: Magic data (46CC0-47ABF)

1: Targetting
3: Effect
4: Damage type (first half) Where used (second half)
5: Effect 2
6: MP Cost
7: Power
8: ?
9: ?
10: Special effect
11: Status 1
12: Status 2
13: Status 3
14: Status 4

Structure: 14 bytes per spell

46CC0: Fire
46CCE: Ice
46CDC: Bolt
46CEA: Poison
46CF8: Drain
46D06: Fire 2
46D14: Ice 2
46D22: Bolt 2
46D30: Bio
46D3E: Fire 3
46D4C: Ice 3
46D5A: Bolt 3
46D68: Break
46D76: Doom
46D84: Pearl
46D92: Flare
46DA0: Demi
46DAE: Quartr
46DBC: X-Zone
46DCA: Meteor
46DD8: Ultima
46DE6: Quake
46DF4: W Wind
46E02: Merton
46E10: Scan
46E1E: Slow
46E2C: Rasp
46E3A: Mute
46E48: Safe
46E56: Sleep
46E64: Muddle
46E72: Haste
46E80: Stop
46E8E: Bserk
46E9C: Float
46EAA: Imp
46EB8: Rflect
46EC6: Shell
46ED4: Vanish
46EE2: Haste 2
46EF0: Slow 2
46EFE: Osmose
46F0C: Warp
46F1A: Quick
46F28: Dispel
46F36: Cure
46F44: Cure 2
46F52: Cure 3
46F60: Life
46F6E: Life 2
46F7C: Antdot
46F8A: Remedy
46F98: Regen
46FA6: Life 3

Part 10: Shops (477C0-47FCF)

Structure: 9 bytes per shop
1: 50% Discount if character x is leading (first 4 bits), Shop type (second 4 bits)
2: Item 1 in list
3: Item 2 in list
4-9: (all the rest are just the items in the list, in the same order)

Change the shops to contain anything in the game. It was fun identifying some of these...

Hmm, and apparently, you can use any character to get a discount at 50%, and not just Edgar, just set the first half to the predefined character #. The game only uses Edgar in certain situations, but you can change that to anyone else to any shop. Maybe you can secretly add a lead character for each shop to get discounts or something, *shrug*.
47CC0: Narshe weapons (before Magitek factory)
47CC9: Narshe armor (before Magitek factory)
47CD2: Narshe relics (before Magitek factory)
47CDB: Narshe items (before Magitek factory)
47CE4: Figaro castle items (before Kefka arrives)
47CED: South Figaro weapons (WoB)
47CF6: South Figaro armor (WoB)
47CFF: South Figaro relics (WoB)
47D08: South Figaro items (WoB)
47D11: Mobliz weapons
47D1A: Mobliz armor
47D23: Mobliz relics
47D2C: Mobliz items
47D35: Nikeah weapons (WoB)
47D3E: Nikeah armor (WoB)
47D47: Nikeah items (WoB)
47D50: Nikeah relics (WoB)
47D59: Kohlinghen weapons (WoB)
47D62: Kohlinghen armor (WoB)
47D6B: Kohlinghen items (WoB)
47D74: Jidoor weapons (WoB)
47D7D: Jidoor armor (WoB)
47D86: Jidoor items (WoB)
47D8F: Jidoor relics (WoB)
47D98: Blackjack's items (I think)
47DA1: Albrook weapons (WoB)
47DAA: Albrook armor (WoB)
47DB3: Vector weapons
47DBC: Vector armor
47DC5: Tzen weapons (WoB)
47DCE: Tzen armor (WoB)
47DD7: Tzen items (WoB)
47DE0: Tzen relics (WoB)

Part 11: Ragnarok Metamorphosis (48140-481A7)

Structure: 4 bytes per cycle

1-4: Each byte represents one of the items that can be won in a cycle.

There are 4 unused cycles, allowing you to create 4 additional ones without changing others. To have those cycles you've created go into effect, assign it monsters. The hex value for the cycle is the cycle's number in hex.

Part 12: Start-up (2D7EA0 - ?)

Structure: 22 bytes per character

1: HP
2: MP
Battle Command 1
4: Battle Command 2
5: Battle Command 3
6: Battle Command 4
7: Vigor
8: Speed
9: Stamina
10: Mag.Pwr
11: Bat.Pwr
12: Defense
13: Mag.Def
14: Evade %
15: MBlock %
16: Weapon
17: Shield
18: Helm
19: Armor
20: Relic 1
21: Relic 2
22: Level

2D7EA0: Terra
2D7EB6: Locke
2D7ECC: Cyan
2D7EE2: Shadow
2D7EF8: Edgar
2D7F0E: Sabin
2D7F24: Celes
2D7F3A: Strago
2D7F50: Relm
2D7F66: Setzer
2D7F7C: Mog
2D7F92: Gau
2D7FA8: Gogo
2D7FBE: Umaro
2D7FD4: Banon
2D7FEA: Leo
2D8000: ????? (Ghost1)
2D8016: ????? (Ghost2)
2D802C: Kupek
2D8042: Kupop
2D8058: Kumama
2D806E: Kuku
2D8084: Kutan
2D809A: Kupan
2D80B0: Kushu
2D80C6: Kurin
2D80DC: Kuru
2D80F2: Kamog
2D8108: Mog (scenario select)
2D811E: ????? (Terra)*
2D8134: Maduin (hmm...)
2D814A: ?????
2D8160: Wedge
2D8176: Vicks
2D8226: Kefka (Terra's flashback and imperial camp)
2D823C: Kefka (Esper Cave)
2D8252: Kefka (Thamasa attack)
2D8268: Kefka (Dummy entity; never used)
2D827E: Kefka (Dummy entity; never used)
2D8294: Kefka (Dummy entity; never used)
2D82AA: Kefka (Dummy entity; never used)

There are more, for the other dummy characters (Tork, Fabian, Drake, Ho, Victor, Siele, etc), but the values are all 00 and you can't get these guys anyway (like the last 4 dummy Kefka's) and they have no sprite.

*this is basically nothing. In the part where the character names are stored, this is Terra's name in the beginning. Changing any values will do nothing.

C9C94 and C9C95: GP at startup. (bytes are reversed/inverted)

Part 13: EXP needed for level up (2D8420-2D84F3)

Since the data here is so small and so simple (it's only two bytes for each level that have to do with numerical values), I'm not going to list the offsets for each level. It should be simple to figure out what level is which.

Structure: 2 bytes per level

1: Exp needed for level up x8
2: Exp needed for level up x2048

Part 14: HP gained at level up (26F6A0-26F701)

Structure: 1 byte per level

1: The HP gained at that level

Unfortunately, you can't set up the way the HP is gained for each individual character at level ups (you can only set how much they begin with at level 1), so this is completely global for every character. You're limited to 255 HP per level.

Since you can set the HP the characters have at level 1 where their start up data, this data begins at what they get at level TWO.

Part 15: MP gained at level up (26F702-26F763)

Structure: 1 byte per level

1: The MP gained at that level

This works exactly the same as HP at level up, except it's for MP.

Part 16: Music pointers (varied locations)

The structure is always one byte, and that's for the song.

No, this doesn't allow you to edit the music, but rather change the music to other songs at certain points in the game

Do note that this list is very incomplete, since music pointers seem to be scattered all around the ROM. Thanks to a Game Genie code, I was able to find the pointer to the normal battle music. However, right next to the normal battle music, were the pointers for the boss, and big boss battle music! Then, after a little search, I found the musics to all 4 overworld themes! And so I found a few more later. So far, 13 pointers have been found.

2C13B: Normal battle music
2C13C: Boss battle music
2C13D: Big boss music

2E858A: World of Balance in-flight airship music
2E858C: World of Ruin in-flight airship music

2E858D: Chocobo music in the WoB.
2E858E: Chocobo music (on the Veldt?) (unable to be tested)
2E858F: Chocobo music (when the default world theme is "Dark World")
2E8590: Chocobo music in the WoR.

2E8591: World of Balance overworld music
2E8592: Veldt music
2E8593: World of Ruin, first 'dark' world music
2E8594: World of Ruin main overworld music

Part 17: Text stuff

(this is the text that uses the 'small' font)
2AFE0: Status effects
34B0D: "Config" menu text
35E4A: "Skills" menu text and Esper text
36671: "Status" menu text
36AE5: "Please enter a name" text.
37DB1: LV, HP, MP text in menu
379C7: Group formation text
38F18: "Item" menu text
38F7A: Equipment status text (double click in items menu)
3A4BC: "Equip" menu text part 1
3A50B: "Equip" menu text part 2
3A573: "Equip" menu text part 3
3A5C7: "Equip" menu text part 4
3B611: Colosseum challenger text
3C4FE: Shop text
47AC0: Character names
EFDA0: Rare items and descriptions
F3B40: Esper attack descriptions
F3E40: SwdTech attack names
FC250: Monster names
FD2D0: Monster pre-defined special attack names
FE3E0: Battle text part 1(lots of dummied text in here!)
FFE00: Blitz descriptions
FFF00: Sword Technique descriptions
1000AE: Esper level up bonuses
10D400: Battle text part 2
11F200: Battle text part 3
127100: Item types
12B500: Item names
18CBA0: Magic spell descriptions
18D0A0: Battle commands
26F767: Magic spells (includes special attacks too)
2D6600: Item descriptions
2E0000: Esper level up bonus descriptions

Part 18: Palettes

Battle sprite palette pointers

Structure: 1 byte per character

1: Palette used

2D02B: Terra
2D02C: Locke
2D02D: Cyan
2D02E: Shadow
2D02F: Edgar
2D030: Sabin
2D031: Celes
2D032: Strago
2D033: Relm
2D034: Setzer
2D035: Moogle
2D036: Gau
2D037: Gogo
2D038: Umaro

Overworld character palette data (268200-?)

Structure: 32 bytes

Every two bytes is one color on the palette, and that's all I know about this. Since the SNES uses a very, very vast palette, I'm pretty much stuck in the dark here on how this works. Here it is, as explained by Lord J:

32 bytes are used for one palette setting. Two bytes are used for one color. Each color is coded RGB, with 5 bits per basic color, wich leaves 1 extra bit for transparency (not used for wall paper settings tough).

Here is the encoding of one color:

<--- byte n -->   <- byte n+1 -->
msb         lsb   msb         lsb
x x x x x x x x   x x x x x x x x
____] [_______]   | [_______] [__
3lsb    5bits     | 5bits     2msb
green    red      |  blue     green
                  \__transparency bit

The 2 bytes are inverted: this is the way the CPU stores 16 bits info
in memory (8-bits LIFO).

Analysis on WP palette information:
base: 0x2D1E00, 32 bytes per WP, 8 WP in total

00 and 01: unused colors (set to 0000 -> black)
02 to 0f included: palette for wp (7 adjustable RGB colors)
10 to 1f included: unused color (all set to 00-38 -> dark blue)

those undecoded bytes were unused colors, so each palette would hold a maximum of 16 colors

Pre-release note: The rest of the palette data isn't here. Check Lord J's page, that's where the rest are. Though his URL evades my mind right now...

Part 19: Stuff

2CE600: Hmm, this data looks interesting...
2CEA00: So does this
2CEB00: As does this

Part 20: Byte Values

1st byte of who can equip byte values:


bit 1= Terra
bit 2= Locke
bit 3= Cyan
bit 4= Shadow
bit 5= Edgar
bit 6= Sabin
bit 7= Celes
bit 8= Strago


(first half)

1: Edgar
2: Sabin
3: Edgar, Sabin
4: Celes
5: Edgar, Celes
6: Sabin, Celes
7: Edgar, Sabin, Celes
8: Strago
9: Edgar, Strago
A: Sabin, Strago
B: Edgar, Sabin, Strago
C: Celes, Strago
D: Edgar, Celes, Strago
E: Sabin, Celes, Strago
F: Edgar, Sabin, Celes, Strago

(second half)

1: Terra
2: Locke
3: Terra, Locke
4: Cyan
5: Terra, Cyan
6: Locke, Cyan
7: Terra, Locke, Cyan
8: Shadow
9: Terra, Shadow
A: Locke, Shadow
B: Terra, Locke, Shadow
C: Cyan, Shadow
D: Terra, Cyan, Shadow
E: Locke, Cyan, Shadow
F: Terra, Locke, Cyan, Shadow

2nd byte of who can equip byte values:


bit 1= Relm
bit 2= Setzer
bit 3= Mog
bit 4= Gau
bit 5= Gogo
bit 6= Umaro
bit 7= Effective only if an Imp
bit 8= Unknown bit

(first half)

1: Gogo
2: Umaro
3: Gogo, Umaro
4: Effective only if an Imp
5: Gogo, Effective only if an Imp
6: Umaro, Effective only if an Imp
7, Gogo, Umaro, Effective only if an Imp
8: Unknown (used if Gogo CAN'T normally use it)
9: Gogo, Unknown (this is what the game uses if Gogo can normally use it)
A: Umaro, Unknown
B: Gogo, Umaro, Unknown
C: Effective only if an Imp, Unknown
D: Gogo, Effective only if an Imp, Unknown
E: Umaro, Effective only if an Imp, Unknown
F: Gogo, Umaro, Effective only if an Imp, Unknown

(Remember, Umaro can't equip anything besides Relics, unless a bit or something that allows you to change his equipment is ever found...)

(second half)

1: Relm
2: Setzer
3: Relm, Setzer
4: Mog
5: Relm, Mog
6: Setzer, Mog
7: Relm, Setzer, Mog
8: Gau
9: Relm, Gau
A: Setzer, Gau
B: Relm, Setzer, Gau
C: Mog, Gau
D: Relm, Mog, Gau
E: Setzer, Mog, Gau
F: Relm, Setzer, Mog, Gau

Vigor/Speed/Stamina/Mag.Pwr bonus byte values:

0: 0
1: +1
2: +2
3: +3
4: +4
5: +5
6: +6
7: +7
8: 0
9: -1
A: -2
B: -3
C: -4
D: -5
E: -6
F: -7

Abilities can be used byte values:


bit 1= ? Unused bit
bit 2= SwdTech
bit 3= ? Unused bit
bit 4= ? Unused bit
bit 5= ? Unused bit
bit 6= 2-hand
bit 7= Runic
bit 8= ? Unused bit

(first half)

0-3: None
4-7: 2-hand
8-B: Runic
C-F: Runic, 2-hand

(second half)
0: None
1: Unknown
2: SwdTech
3: Unknown, SwdTech

(The rest of the results are just a bunch of unknown stuff, with SwdTech in some of them and are probably nothing anyways.)

MBlock% and Evade % byte values:

The first half pertain to the MBlock% and the right four pertain to Evade %.

1: 10%
2: 20%
3: 30%
4: 40%
5: 50%
6: -10%
7: -20%
8: -30%
9: -40%
A: -50%
B: (glitch) sets specified stat 0 no matter what (?)
C-F: (glitch) sets specified stat to 255 no matter what (?)

Byte 4 of Magic data values:

Damage type (first half of byte 4 in magic):


bit 1= Unknown bit
bit 2= Do damage
bit 3= Unknown bit
bit 4= Unknown/MP switch

Not exactly sure how to explain it, but bit 4 acts as a kind of 'switch' for the 'do damage' bit (if present) which causes it to do MP damage instead.


0: No damage
1: Unknown 1
2: Do damage
3: Unknown 1, Do Damage
4: Unknown 2
5: Unknown 1, Unknown 2
6: Do Damage, Unknown 2
7: Unknown 1, Do damage, Unknown 2
8: Unknown/MP switch
9: Unknown 1, Unknown/MP switch
A: MP damage (switch)
B: Unknown 2, Unknown/MP switch
C: Unknown 1, MP damage
D: Unknown 1, Unknown 2, Unknown/MP switch
E: Unknown 2, MP damage
F: Unknown 1, Unknown 2, MP damage

Useable outside battle? (second half):


bit 1= Yes
bit 2= No
bit 3= Unknown bit
bit 4= Unknown bit


Note: Ones with "No and Yes" in the same description end up being "Yes" while the game is running. They are both No AND Yes, according to the binary result, but in the case, Yes prevails in the end, because it's the higher bit. (in other words, the effect would be 'Yes' anyways). Also, bits that are labeled with 'Unknown' or 'Nothing', are automatically counted as 'No'. Hope this doesn't confuse anyone, since I'm terrible at explaining things. :P

0: Nothing
1: Yes
2: No
3: Yes, No
4: Unknown 1
5: Yes, Unknown 1
6: No, Unknown 1
7: Yes, No, Unknown 1
8: Unknown 2
9: Yes, Unknown 2
A: No, Unknown 2
B: Yes, No, Unknown 2
C: Unknown 1, Unknown 2
D: Yes, Unknown 1, Unknown 2
E: No, Unknown 1, Unknown 2
F: Yes, No, Unknown 1, Unknown 2

And only god knows what the unknown bits are.

Magic Effect 2

(1st half of byte 5):

5: Unknown
6: Never misses
7: Unknown
8: Does a certain % of damage in accordance to the spell's power*

2: Never misses
8: Does a certain % of damage in accordance to the Spell's power*

*It's based about the % of the value used in hex. This is used in spells like Demi and Quartr.

(2nd half of byte 5 in magic)


1: Heal HP
2: Absorb Target's HP
3: Remove Status
4: Give Status

Byte values

1: Heal HP
2: Caster absorbs Target's HP
3: Target absorbs Caster's HP
4: Give Status
5: Heal HP, Give status
6: Caster absorbs Target's HP, Give Status
7: Target absorbs Caster's HP, Give Status
8: Remove status
9: Heal HP, Remove status
A: Caster absorbs Target's HP, Remove status
B: Target absorbs Caster's HP, Remove status
C: Remove, Remove status
D: Heal HP, Give Status, Remove status
E: Caster Absorbs Target's HP, Give Status, Remove status
F: Target Absorbs Target's HP, Give Status, Remove status

Note1: If the spell's power level is set at 00, there will be no damage, and the damage numerals will not appear and have no damage effect. (00 is only useful for Give/Remove status... if you put a higher power value, those spells will damage the target).

Note2: "Target absorbs Caster's HP" is actually a mixed effect of "Caster absorbs Target's HP" and "Heal". Healing in addition makes it do the opposite absorbing effect.

Note3: If there is no power level set for the spell, there will no damage/healing and/or any absorb effects won't do didily squat.

Magic Special effect


00 = Physical damage? (Pummel)
10 = See enemy's HP/MP/LV/Weaknesses (Scan)
11 = The Earth Wall effect (Golem)
12 = Morph enemy (Ragnarok)
13 = Makes target jump (Palidor)
15 = Hit everyone in target group except caster (if in target group); Damage/Heal points are dealt by dividing by the amount of targets. (Mantra)
16 = Removes caster from battle, fully restores target party (Spiraler)
18 = Party runs away if possible, does not matter who the target is (Warp)
19 = Does damage = to caster's HP to the caster and the enemy (Exploder)
1A = Does 1000 damage (Blow Fish)
1B = Attack/Healing move subtracts/adds HP according to caster's HP (Pearl Wind)
1C = Only works if enemy has Reflect status (Reflect???)
1D = Damages enemies whose levels are multiples of the last digit of your GP (L? Pearl)
1E = Damage in accordance to # of steps (Step Mine)
1F = Halves level (Dischord)
20 = Kills Caster, sets HP and MP to 0 and removes him/her from battle (Pep Up)
21 = Switches all status ailments or effects that are listed in bytes 11, 12, 13, and 14 if found (Rippler)
22 = Mucho extra damage if target enemy is same level as the caster (Stone)
23 = Death; kills undead too (Odin, Raiden, Cleave, X-Fer, X-Zone)
25 = Does not hit Floating enemies, ignores unblockable status in spell (Quake, Terrato, Takedown, Wild Fang, Magnitude8, and any other Earth-elemental spell in the game)
26 = Changes weakness to one particular element, all others ineffective, exact opposites of weak element absorbed (WallChange)
27 = Causes one to be counted as run away? Untested. (Escape)
28 = ??? (Mind Blast)
29 = Freeze target in ice (N. Cross)
2A = Level * spell strength determines damage (Flare Star)
2B = Switches target's row position [untested] (R. Polarity)
2C = Spell attacks eight times [can't aim, autoaims at enemies] (Launcher)
2D = Makes target take physical blows for target (Love Token)
2E = Takes opponent and drains HP [Enemy only, makes spell miss every time for player controlled characters] (Seize)
2F = ??? (Targetting)
30 = ??? (Suplex)
31 = Eliminates one random element [Maybe this could be derandomized? Nah.] (ForceField)
32 = Spell attacks four times [same as 2C in aiming] (Quadra Slam, Quadra Slice)
33 = ??? (Bababreath)
34 = Muddle, unblockable, no visual effect (Charm)
35 = Death; restores undead/character with Relic Ring (Doom)
36 = Combined with drain (1st part = 2 on 5th byte) and A2 on 4th byte, allows one to drain both HP and MP. Without one or the other, it causes the visual effect of the spell not to occur and do instant damage (or at least it looks like it if left without modifications at all). Doesn't have the intended effect unless the 2 bytes are changed to the previously specified as well (or to something that does the same, I guess) Complicated little thing. (Empowerer)
38 = Banish target from battle? (Sneeze)
39 = Banish target from battle? (Engulf)
3A = Possession of an enemy or ally until he/she dies [I think, untested, but Zinger does work when used by player-controlled characters so...] (Zinger)
3B = ??? (Evil Toot)
3C = ??? (Retort)
3E = Small HP drain, uncurable (Phantasm)
3F = ??? (Stunner)
40 = Drop HP to 1 (Fallen One)
43 = Target gets 2 turns in a row without interruption, effects only player-controlled characters (Quick)
44 = Eliminates Seize effect? (Discard)
45 = ??? (Clear)
FF = Nothing (Most spells)

Palette pointer values:
00: Edgar,Sabin
01: Locke
02: Terra
03: Strago, Relm
04: Cyan, Shadow
05: Umaro
06: Mog
07: Unused, all white.

(all the rest are appear to be weird, glitch palettes)

Element values:


1: Fire
2: Ice
3: Lightning
4: Poison
5: Wind
6: Pearl
7: Earth
8: Water


(second half)

1: Fire
2: Ice
3: Fire, Ice
4: Lightning
5: Fire, Lightning
6: Ice, Lightning
7: Fire, Ice, Lightning
8: Poison
9: Fire, Poison
A: Ice, Poison
B: Fire, Ice, Poison
C: Lightning, Poison
D: Fire, Lightning, Poison
E: Ice, Lightning, Poison
F: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison

(first half)

1: Wind
2: Pearl
3: Wind, Pearl
4: Earth
5: Wind, Earth
6: Pearl, Earth
7: Wind, Pearl, Earth
8: Water
9: Wind, Water
A: Pearl, Water
B: Wind, Pearl, Water
C: Earth, Water
D: Wind, Earth, Water
E: Pearl, Earth, Water
F: Wind, Pearl, Earth, Water

Battle Command byte values:

00: Fight 01: Item 02: Magic 03: Morph 04: Revert 05: Steal
06: Capture 07: SwdTech 08: Throw 09: Tools 0A: Blitz 0B: Runic
0C: Lore 0D: Sketch 0E: Control 0F: Slot 10: Rage 11: Leap
12: Mimic 13: Dance 14: Row 15: Def. 16: Jump 17: X Magic
18: GP Rain 19: Summon 1A: Health 1B: Shock 1C: Possess 1D: MagiTek
FF: (blank)

Enemy Special attack attribute values:


bit 1-6= Effects (see below for the values)
bit 7= No HP damage if true
bit 8= Unknown bit


: Note: Add 40h to cause the enemies to do no damage with their special, and just induce a status effect. So if you wanted the enemies' special to use slow (12h) on you, ADD 40h, so it'd be 52h.

00: Blind
01: Zombie
02: Poison
03: Magitek (on/off)
04: Clear
05: Imp
06: Petrify
07: Dead
08: Condemned
09: Near Fatal
0A: Image
0B: Mute
0C: Berserk
0D: Muddle
0E: Seizure (doesn't show condition...)
0F: Psyche
10: Dance (uppermost in list)
11: Regen
12: Slow
13: Haste
14: Stop
15: Shell
16: Safe
17: Wall
18: Rage (uppermost in list)
19: Frozen
1A: Life 3
1B: Esper Morph
1C: Magic Cast
1D: Disappear (if you have HP left, then Berserked as well)
1E: Interceptor
1F: Float
20: Attack power 1
21: Attack power 2
22: Attack power 3
23: Attack power 4
24: Attack power 5
25: Attack power 6
26: Attack power 7
27: Attack power 8
28: Attack power 9
29: Attack power 10
2A: Attack power 11
2B: Attack power 12
2C: Attack power 13
2D: Attack power 14
2E: Attack power 15
2F: Attack power 16
30: Absorb HP
31: Absorb MP
32 - 3F= Unknown values.

Each attack power value is more powerful than the last one. They also rely on the monsters' base attack power, but I don't know how it's calculated so you might want to experiment with them to 'home in' on the range of power you want...

Magic values:

00: Fire 01: Ice 02: Bolt 03: Poison
04: Drain 05: Fire 2 06: Ice 2 07: Bolt 2
08: Bio 09: Fire 3 0A: Ice 3 0B: Bolt 3
0C: Break 0D: Doom 0E: Pearl 0F: Flare
10: Demi 11: Quartr 12: X-Zone 13: Meteor
14: Ultima 15: Quake 16: W Wind 17: Merton
18: Scan 19: Slow 1A: Rasp 1B: Mute
1C: Safe 1D: Sleep 1E: Muddle 1F: Haste
20: Stop 21: Bserk 22: Float 23: Imp
24: Rflect 25: Shell 26: Vanish 27: Haste 2
28: Slow 2 29: Osmose 2A: Warp 2B: Quick
2C: Dispel 2D: Cure 2E: Cure 2 2F: Cure 3
30: Life 31: Life 2 32: Antdot 33: Remedy
34: Regen 35: Life 3 36: Ramuh 37: Ifrit
38: Shiva 39: Siren 3A: Terrato 3B: Shoat
3C: Maduin 3D: Bismark 3E: Stray 3F: Palador
40: Tritoch 41: Odin 42: Raiden 43: Bahamut
44: Alexandr 45: Crusader 46: Ragnarok 47: Kirin
48: ZoneSeek 49: Carbunkl 4A: Phantom 4B: Sraphim
4C: Golem 4D: Unicorn 4E: Fenrir 4F: Starlet
50: Phoenix 51: Fire Skean 52: Water Edge 53: Bolt Edge
54: Storm 55: Dispatch 56: Retort 57: Slash
58: Quadra Slam 59: Empowerer 5A: Stunner 5B: Quadra Slice
5C: Cleave 5D: Pummel 5E: AuraBolt 5F: Suplex
60: Fire Dance 61: Mantra 62: Air Blade 63: Spiraler
64: Bum Rush 65: Wind Slash 66: Sun Bath 67: Rage
68: Harvester 69: Sand Storm 6A: Antlion 6B: Elf Fire
6C: Specter 6D: Land Slide 6E: Sonic Boom 6F: El Nino
70: Plasma 71: Snare 72: Cave In 73: Snowball
74: Surge 75: Cokatrice 76: Wombat 77: Kitty
78: Tapir 79: Whump 7A: Wild Bear 7B: Pois. Frog
7C: Ice Rabbit 7D: Super Ball 7E: Flash 7F: Chocobop
80: H-Bomb 81: 7-Flush 82: Megahit 83: Fire Beam
84: Bolt Beam 85: Ice Beam 86: Bio Blast 87: Heal Force
88: Confuser 89: X-Fer 8A: TekMissile 8B: Condemned
8C: Roulette 8D: CleanSweep 8E: Aqua Rake 8F: Aero
90: Blow Fish 91: Big Guard 92: Revenge 93: Pearl Wind
94: L.5 Doom 95: L.4 Flare 96: L.3 Muddle 97: Reflect???
98: L.? Pearl 99: Step Mine 9A: ForceField 9B: Dischord
9C: Sour Mouth 9D: Pep Up 9E: Rippler 9F: Stone
A0: Quasar A1: GrandTrain A2: Exploder A3: Imp Song
A4: Clear A5: Virite A6: ChokeSmoke A7: Schiller
A8: Lullaby A9: Acid Rain AA: Confusion AB: Megazerk
AC: Mute AD: Net AE: Slimer AF: Delta Hit
B0: Entwine B1: Blaster B2: Cyclonic B3: Fire Ball
B4: Atomic Ray B5: Tek Laser B6: Diffuser B7: WaveCannon
B8: Mega Volt B9: Giga Volt BA: Blizzard BB: Absolute 0
BC: Magnitude8 BD: Raid BE: Flash Rain BF: TekBarrier
C0: Fallen One C1: WallChange C2: Escape C3: 50 Gs
C4: Mind Blast C5: N. Cross C6: Flare Star C7: Love Token
C8: Seize C9: R.Polarity CA: Targetting CB: Sneeze
CC: S. Cross CD: Launcher CE: Charm CF: Cold Dust
D0: Tentacle D1: HyperDrive D2: Train D3: Evil Toot
D4: Grav Bomb D5: Engulf D6: Disaster D7: Shrapnel
D8: Bomblet D9: Heart Burn DA: Zinger DB: Discard
DC: Overcast DD: Missile DE: Goner DF: Meteo
E0: Revenger E1: Phantasm E2: Dread E3: Shock Wave
E4: Blaze E5: Soul Out E6: Gale Cut E7: Shimsham
E8: Lode Stone E9: Scar Beam EA: BabaBreath EB: LifeShaver
EC: Fire Wall ED: Slide EE: Battle EF: Special
F0: Riot Blade F1: Mirager F2: Back Blade F3: ShadowFang
F4: RoyalShock F5: TigerBreak F6: Spin Edge F7: Sabre Soul
F8: Star Prism F9: Red Card FA: MoogleRush FB: X-Meteo
FC: Takedown FD: Wild Fang FE: Lagomorph FF: (Nothing)
Esper Level up bonus value list:

00: HP + 10% 01: HP + 30% 02: HP + 50% 03: MP + 10%
04: MP + 30% 05: MP + 50% 06: HP + 100% (!) 07: LV + 30% (?)
08: LV + 50% (?) 09: Strength +1 0A: Strength +2 0B: Speed +1
0C: Speed +2 0D: Stamina +1 0E: Stamina +2 0F: Mag.Pwr +1
10: Mag.Pwr +2 FF: (no bonus)

All other values are a glitch.

Item byte values:

00: Dirk 01: MithrilKnife 02: Guardian 03: Air Lancet
04: ThiefKnife 05: Assassin 06: Man Eater 07: SwordBreaker
08: Graedus 09: ValiantKnife 0A: MithrilBlade 0B: RegalCutlass
0C: Rune Edge 0D: Flame Sabre 0E: Blizzard 0F: ThunderBlade
10: Epee 11: BreakBlade 12: Drainer 13: Enhancer
14: Crystal 15: Falchion 16: Soul Sabre 17: Ogre Nix
18: Excalibur 19: Scimitar 1A: Illumina 1B: Ragnarok
1C: Atma Weapon 1D: Mithril Pike 1E: Trident 1F: Stout Spear
20: Partisan 21: Pearl Lance 22: Gold Lance 23: Aura Lance
24: Imp Halberd 25: Imperial 26: Kodachi 27: Blossom
28: Hardened 29: Striker 2A: Stunner 2B: Ashura
2C: Kotetsu 2D: Forged 2E: Tempest 2F: Murasame
30: Aura 31: Strato 32: Sky Render 33: Heal Rod
34: Mithril Rod 35: Fire Rod 36: Ice Rod 37: Thunder Rod
38: Poison Rod 39: Pearl Rod 3A: Gravity Rod 3B: Punisher
3C: Magus Rod 3D: Chocobo Brsh 3E: DaVinci Brsh 3F: Magical Brsh
40: Rainbow Brsh 41: Shuriken 42: Ninja Star 43: Tack Star
44: Flail 45: Full Moon 46: Morning Star 47: Boomerang
48: Rising Sun 49: Hawk Eye 4A: Bone Club 4B: Sniper
4C: Wing Edge 4D: Cards 4E: Darts 4F: Doom Darts
50: Trump 51: Dice 52: Fixed Dice 53: MetalKnuckle
54: MithrilClaw 55: Kaiser 56: Poison Claw 57: Fire Knuckle
58: DragonClaw 59: Tiger Fangs 5A: Buckler 5B: Heavy Shld
5C: MithrilShld 5D: Gold Shld 5E: Aegis Shld 5F: Diamond Shld
60: Flame Shld 61: Ice Shld 62: Thunder Shld 63: Crystal Shld
64: Genji Shld 65: TortoiseShld 66: Cursed Shld 67: Paladin Shld
68: Force Shld 69: Leather Hat 6A: Hair Band 6B: Plumed Hat
6C: Beret 6D: Magus Hat 6E: Bandana 6F: Iron Helmet
70: Coronet 71: Bard's Hat 72: Green Beret 73: Head Band
74: Mithril Helm 75: Tiara 76: Gold Helmet 77: Tiger Mask
78: Red Cap 79: Mystery Veil 7A: Circlet 7B: Regal Crown
7C: Diamond Helm 7D: Dark Hood 7E: Crystal Helm 7F: Oath Veil
80: Cat Hood 81: Genji Helmet 82: Thornlet 83: Titanium
84: LeatherArmor 85: Cotton Robe 86: Kung Fu Suit 87: Iron Armor
88: Silk Robe 89: Mithril Vest 8A: Ninja Gear 8B: White Dress
8C: Mithril Mail 8D: Gaia Gear 8E: Mirage Vest 8F: Gold Armor
90: Power Sash 91: Light Robe 92: Diamond Vest 93: Red Jacket
94: Force Armor 95: DiamondArmor 96: Dark Gear 97: Tao Robe
98: Crystal Mail 99: Czarina Gown 9A: Genji Armor 9B: Imp's Armor
9C: Minerva 9D: Tabby Suit 9E: Chocobo Suit 9F: Moogle Suit
A0: Nutkin Suit A1: BehemothSuit A2: Snow Muffler A3: NoiseBlaster
A4: Bio Blaster A5: Flash A6: Chain Saw A7: Debilitator
A8: Drill A9: Air Anchor AA: AutoCrossbow AB: Fire Skean
AC: Water Edge AD: Bolt Edge AE: Inviz Edge AF: Shadow Edge
B0: Goggles B1: Star Pendant B2: Peace Ring B3: Amulet
B4: White Cape B5: Jewel Ring B6: Fairy Ring B7: Barrier Ring
B8: MithrilGlove B9: Guard Ring BA: RunningShoes BB: Wall Ring
BC: Cherub Down BD: Cure Ring BE: True Knight BF: DragoonBoots
C0: Zephyr Cape C1: Czarina Ring C2: Cursed Ring C3: Earrings
C4: Atlas Armlet C5: Blizzard Orb C6: Rage Ring C7: Sneak Ring
C8: Pod Bracelet C9: Hero Ring CA: Ribbon CB: Muscle Belt
CC: Crystal Orb CD: Gold Hairpin CE: Economizer CF: Thief Glove
D0: Gauntlet D1: Genji Glove D2: Hyper Wrist D3: Offering
D4: Beads D5: Black Belt D6: Coin Toss D7: FakeMustache
D8: Gem Box D9: Dragon Horn DA: Merit Award DB: Memento Ring
DC: Safety Bit DD: Relic Ring DE: Moogle Charm DF: Charm Bangle
E0: Marvel Shoes E1: Back Guard E2: Gale Hairpin E3: Sniper Sight
E4: Exp. Egg E5: Tintinabar E6: Sprint Shoes E7: Rename Card
E8: Tonic E9: Potion EA: X-Potion EB: Tincture
EC: Ether ED: X-Ether EE: Elixir EF: Megalixir
F0: Fenix Down F1: Revivify F2: Antidote F3: Eyedrop
F4: Soft F5: Remedy F6: Sleeping Bag F7: Tent
F8: Green Cherry F9: Magicite FA: Super Ball FB: Echo Screen
FC: Smoke Bomb FD: Warp Stone FE: Dried Meat FF: Empty

Monster byte values:

00: Guard 01: Soldier 02: Templar 03: Ninja
04: Samurai 05: Orog 06: Mag Roader 07: Retainer
08: Hazer 09: Dahling 0A: Rain Man 0B: Brawler
0C: Apokryphos 0D: Dark Force 0E: Whisper 0F: Over-Mind
10: Osteosaur 11: Commander 12: Rhodox 13: Were-Rat
14: Ursus 15: Rhinotaur 16: Steroidite 17: Leafer
18: Stray Cat 19: Lobo 1A: Doberman 1B: Vomammoth
1C: Fidor 1D: Baskervor 1E: Suriander 1F: Chimera
20: Behemoth 21: Mesosaur 22: Pterodon 23: FossilFang
24: White Drgn 25: Doom Drgn 26: Brachosaur 27: Tyranosaur
28: Dark Wind 29: Beakor 2A: Vulture 2B: Harpy
2C: HermitCrab 2D: Trapper 2E: Hornet 2F: CrassHoppr
30: Delta Bug 31: Gilomantis 32: Trilium 33: Nightshade
34: TumbleWeed 35: Bloompire 36: Trilobiter 37: Siegfried
38: Nautiloid 39: Exocite 3A: Anguiform 3B: Reach Frog
3C: Lizard 3D: ChickenLip 3E: Hoover 3F: Rider
40: Chupon 41: Pipsqueak 42: M-TekArmor 43: Sky Armor
44: Telstar 45: Lethal Wpn 46: Vaporite 47: Flan
48: Ing 49: Humpty 4A: Brainpan 4B: Cruller
4C: Cactrot 4D: Repo Man 4E: Harvester 4F: Bomb
50: Still Life 51: Boxed Set 52: SlamDancer 53: HadesGigas
54: Pug 55: Magic Urn 56: Mover 57: Figaliz
58: Buffalax 59: Aspik 5A: Ghost 5B: Crawler
5C: Sand Ray 5D: Areneid 5E: Actaneon 5F: Sand Horse
60: Dark Side 61: Mad Oscar 62: Crawly 63: Bleary
64: Marshal 65: Trooper 66: General 67: Covert
68: Ogor 69: Warlock 6A: Madam 6B: Joker
6C: Iron Fist 6D: Goblin 6E: Apparite 6F: PowerDemon
70: Displayer 71: Vector Pup 72: Peepers 73: Sewer Rat
74: Slatter 75: Rhinox 76: Rhobite 77: Wild Cat
78: Red Fang 79: Bounty Man 7A: Tusker 7B: Ralph
7C: Chitonid 7D: Wart Puck 7E: Rhyos 7F: SrBehemoth
80: Vectaur 81: Wyvern 82: Zombone 83: Dragon
84: Brontaur 85: Allosaurus 86: Cirpius 87: Sprinter
88: Gobbler 89: Harpiai 8A: GloomShell 8B: Drop
8C: Mind Candy 8D: WeedFeeder 8E: Luridan 8F: Toe Cutter
90: Over Grunk 91: Exoray 92: Crusher 93: Uroburos
94: Primordite 95: Sky Cap 96: Cephaler 97: Maliga
98: Gigan Toad 99: Geckorex 9A: Cluck 9B: Land Worm
9C: Test Rider 9D: PlutoArmor 9E: Tomb Thumb 9F: HeavyArmor
A0: Chaser A1: Scullion A2: Poplium A3: Intangir
A4: Misfit A5: Eland A6: Enuo A7: Deep Eye
A8: GreaseMonk A9: NeckHunter AA: Grenade AB: Critic
AC: Pan Dora AD: SoulDancer AE: Gigantos AF: Mag Roader
B0: Spek Tor B1: Parasite B2: EarthGuard B3: Coelecite
B4: Anemone B5: Hipocampus B6: Spectre B7: Evil Oscar
B8: Slurm B9: Latimeria BA: StillGoing BB: Allo Ver
BC: Phase BD: Outsider BE: Barb-e BF: Parasoul
C0: Pm Stalker C1: Hemophyte C2: Sp Forces C3: Nohrabbit
C4: Wizard C5: Scrapper C6: Ceritops C7: Commando
C8: Opinicus C9: Poppers CA: Lunaris CB: Garm
CC: Vindr CD: Kiwok CE: Nastidon CF: Rinn
D0: Insecare D1: Vermin D2: Mantodea D3: Bogy
D4: Prussian D5: Black Drgn D6: Adamanchyt D7: Dante
D8: Wirey Drgn D9: Dueller DA: Psychot DB: Muus
DC: Karkass DD: Punisher DE: Balloon DF: Gabbldegak
E0: GtBehemoth E1: Scorpion E2: Chaos Drgn E3: Spit Fire
E4: Vectagoyle E5: Lich E6: Osprey E7: Mag Roader
E8: Bug E9: Sea Flower EA: Fortis EB: Abolisher
EC: Aquila ED: Junk EE: Mandrake EF: 1st Class
F0: Tap Dancer F1: Necromancr F2: Borras F3: Mag Roader
F4: Wild Rat F5: Gold Bear F6: Innoc F7: Trixter
F8: Red Wolf F9: Didalos FA: Woolly FB: Veteran
FC: Sky Base FD: IronHitman FE: Io FF: Pugs

Bosses list. (from Lord J)
00: Whelk_____ (shell)
01: Presenter_ (shell)
02: Mega Armor
03: Vargas____
04: TunnelArmr
05: Prometheus
06: GhostTrain
07: Dadaluma__
08: Shiva_____
09: Ifrit_____
0A: Number 024
0B: Number 128
0C: Inferno___
0D: Crane_____
0E: Crane_____
0F: Umaro_____
10: Umaro_____ (2nd dummy encounter?)
11: Guardian__
12: Guardian__
13: Air Force_
14: Tritoch___ (in the mines)
15: Tritoch___ (snow field)
16: FlameEater
17: AtmaWeapon
18: Nerapa____
19: SrBehemoth
1A: Kefka_____ (??... never encountered?)
1B: Tentacle__
1C: Dullahan__
1D: Doom Gaze_
1E: Chadarnook
1F: Curley____
20: Larry_____
21: Moe_______
22: Wrexsoul__
23: Hidon_____
24: KatanaSoul
25: L.30 Magic
26: Hidonite__
27: Doom______
28: Goddess___
29: Poltrgeist
2A: Kefka_____ (final Kefka)
2B: L.40 Magic
2C: Ultros____ (first encounter)
2D: Ultros____ (second encounter)
2E: Ultros____ (third encounter)
2F: Chupon____
30: L.20 Magic
31: Siegfried_ (Ghost train imposter)
32: L.10 Magic
33: L.50 Magic
34: Head______ (This is Whelk's head)
35: Whelk Head (This is Presenter's head... irony?)
36: Colossus__ (dummied boss)
37: CzarDragon (dummied boss)
38: Master Pug
39: L.60 Magic
3A: Merchant__
3B: B.Day Suit
3C: Tentacle__
3D: Tentacle__
3E: Tentacle__
3F: RightBlade
40: Left Blade
41: Rough_____
42: Striker___
43: L.70 Magic
44: Tritoch___ (the one you fight to get his Magicite)
45: Laser Gun_
46: Speck_____
47: MissileBay
48: Chadarnook
49: Ice Dragon
4A: Kefka_____ (Narshe invasion)
4B: Storm Drgn
4C: Dirt Drgn_
4D: Ipooh_____
4E: Leader____
4F: Grunt_____
50: Gold Drgn_
51: Skull Drgn
52: Blue Drgn_
53: Red Dragon
54: Piranha___
55: Rizopas___
56: Specter___
57: Short Arm_ (looks like golden Dragon, Poltergeist statue reborn, final battle part 1)
58: Long Arm__ " "
59: Face______ " "
5A: Tiger_____ (looks like golden Dragon, Doom statue reborn, final battle part 2)
5B: Tools_____ " "
5C: Magic_____ " "
5D: Hit_______ " "
5E: Girl______ (looks like golden Dragon, Goddess statue reborn, final battle part 3)
5F: Sleep_____ " "
60: Hidonite__
61: Hidonite__
62: Hidonite__
63: L.80 Magic
64: L.90 Magic
65: ProtoArmor
66: MagiMaster
67: SoulSaver_
68: Ultros____
69: Naughty___
6A: Phunbaba__ (fight w/Terra, no damage)
6B: Phunbaba__ (battle with your characters)
6C: Phunbaba__ (before Bababreath)
6D: Phunbaba__ (w/morph Terra after Bababreath)
6E: __________ (Kefka bidding Terra to burn everything w/ m-tek)
6F: __________ (Kefka taunting Sabin at imperial camp)
70: __________ (Cyan fighting at imperial camp)
71: Zone Eater
72: __________ (Gau returning from Veldt)
73: __________ (Kefka from Leo's final fight)
74: __________ (Kefka opening Esper world)
75: Officer___
76: Cadet_____
77: __________ (Kefka getting a magicite w/ x-zone)
78: __________
79: Soldier___ (the ones in Terra's flashback)
7A: __________
7B: __________
7C: __________
7D: Atma______
7E: __________
7F: __________
80: __________ (illegal... Ramuh? followings are Espers...)

Part 21: Help
Yeah, a lot of stuff in this game has been found above, but there is still quite a bunch of stuff that's left out. I need help in finding:

-Character spell level up data.

This is something I've tried searching a billion times for. It's not stored any way I can possibly think of. I think this data would be something really neat to mess with and I'd probably redo FF6 Hard Type if it works the way I hope it would...

-Special character data

You know, the kind of stuff that makes it so that you can't equip special characters and stuff. Like Banon for instance, you can't reequip him, but if you find this bit/byte and change it, you'd be able to. Other things may include a customizable battle menu, like with Gogo, and possibly allow other characters to learn Lore spells, etc.

-Enemy pre-defined special attack data.

-Character sprites

If you wanted to switch characters around, without having to go through the tedious character swapping and the dreaded palette which hasn't been found yet, I'm sure this stuff could help.


The save screen/party selection palette is stored yet another way (damn you Square. What's the point of having THREE separate palettes that are the same colors? Wasted space...). My Duncan in my Brachosaur fight demo had to use Banon's palette on the save screen because of this.

Finally, where might the character's palette pointers be stored for the overworld AND Save Screen/Party Select palettes? I'm sure this would be mighty helpful for people who want to change a character's palette to a different one in the game without changing the palette itself (and further messing up other characters that use it).

-I could always get more help on the enemy AI data. It's really confusing, and by far the most difficult to crack data I've found anywhere, every bit of info helps. If you wanna help, send me some mail, and I'll send out updates on people's findings.

Any other ideas on something YOU'RE trying to find? Give me a mail and I'll add it here.