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Tales of Phantasia (PlayStation 1) English translation Screen Shots - page 6 (year 2009)
And here, things resemble the final patch much more closely. At this point, we were more concerned with the getting script edited. Plus we released a demo patch.

(8/12/2009) -- A demo, we have

These look pretty much the same as the final version, though the script has changed in some of the dialogue screens and screen space for item names for items won in battle has been widened a little.

(4/1/2009) -- April NOT foolin'

I figured it was time to make new screenshots after script editing was well under way, as all previous dialogue screens were before much editing was going on. This is the result of what has been coined "the third draft."

GROOVY Arche gets upgraded with a variable-width font and the text is no longer abbreviated. Battle subs are now more than a copy of the soundtest voice clip list. And a couple menus have had some layout revisions which match the final hack. You may also notice that the vertical space between text lines using the large font has been reduced, giving us more room for things. I think it's more aesthetically appealing this way, too.


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