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Tales of Phantasia (PlayStation 1) English translation Screen Shots - page 5 (year 2008)
Ah, 2008. The year of nifty new features and completed translations.

(7/27/2008) -- New features 'n thangs again
Localized Transliterated

More and more subtitles. Battle subtitles officially get implemented, because...why not? If you can subtitle the prologue battle, you can subtitle these too. Though at this point they weren't really translated yet. Also, the cooking voices get some subtitle love too.

Then there's our implementation of the whole arte selector thing. A comparison of the Localized and Transliterated mode and a spell list in Transliterated mode.

I'd say it was kind of fun implementing switches for all this stuff in the Customize menu.

(6/29/2008) -- New features 'n thangs

Battle menu labels are now printed with an actual font. No more being limited to a 25-pixels-wide image. That was ugly. Also, prologue battle subtitles!

It's kind of hard to take a screenshot of it, but this about the time where we had also implemented faster (tripled) text printing speeds too.


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