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Tales of Phantasia (PlayStation 1) English translation Screen Shots - page 4 (year 2007)
I guess I said on the last page that I had no idea how to improve the menu cosmetics. Well, time passed, and I found plenty of things that could use renovation. As of the November screens, I think I may as well truly be hitting absolute perfection. How can they be further improved...? I just don't know. I can't see any of these menus being much different in the final release at this point.

(12/26/07) -- HOLY SKIT, IT'S CENTERED

(11/9/07) -- Giga update 2007
Skit Subtitles
Skit Subbing

Main Menu



Items/Key Items/Collector's Book






Name Entry


Monster List



Battle Menus

I guess you could say that I'm truly committed to making this look as good as humanly possible. At this time, I think these are pretty much the final layouts. I just don't know how they can be improved on, again. Everything has been optimized, and there is no more missing text.

(8/27/07) -- Mega update 2007

This was to show off the width-accumulation code mod that I created, which allowed us to center battle messages, menu name text, and town names. It was also used to right-justify the item categorical text in the Item menu. Also shows off further menu cosmetic refinements, and first actual script insertion! Note that these scripts are not representative of the final release.

Funny how I thought that, yet again, I'd achieved perfection in most of the cosmetics. How wrong I was until I introduced the next big update (above)...

The original update with the original commentary on these screens can be found on this page, if interested.


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