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Tales of Phantasia (PlayStation 1) English translation Screen Shots
These are in descending order, from newest to oldest. All of these are 100% real. These are all work-in-progress screen shots, most not being anything close to release quality. Many of these images are large lossless PNG files so this page is probably not very 56k friendly.

(8/20/05) -- 8x8 VWF

Well, this was really cool. Skeud implemented the 8x8 variable width font (although it didn't work on the real hardware), and I learned some very simple ASM which was enough to pretty much tailor most of the menus to my exact preference. After changing the numbers to a 5 pixel-width to look more in line with the rest of the 8x8 font, the screen above was the result.

(6/30/05) -- Graphic text

Only the stuff in the bottom left is modified.

This was already in english... but it originally said "Morison & Narration". I changed the name (slightly) to reflect how it will be spelled in the final release and "narration" to "narrator" for a more complicated reason.

Battle commands. This text is such a tight fit I'm almost surprised it was possible to make it look this nice.

The world map item has all its town and shop name text stored as graphics. These are taken from the future's world map.

Remember, all this "text" is just stored as graphics, so therefore it's possible to make it as pretty as I want as long as the modifications fit within the space allowed. Too bad the rest of the game can't look this good yet...

(8/5/04) -- Variable width font implemented! (but other parts of code don't work with it yet)

But still limited to 16 characters per line...

Attack name bar off-size, text not quite centered...

This doesn't look so bad.

(between 7/10-8/5/04) -- Valuable items, revisited

This had to have come after the previous update but before the next one.

(7/10/04) -- After so long without any real progress reports...

All menu commands!

Yes/No selection clouds!

Sort icons!

Orphis' ToD compressor fixed all the problems we were previously having with the menu graphics image, making these screens possible.

(1/5/04) -- Out of the blue...

Skeud suddenly emailed me these two screenshots, after nearly a year and a half of no visual progress screenshots being made, this was a nice change of pace. If you don't notice, it's a variable width font using the game's internal font. Skeud did this in a savestate, but we didn't hard code it into the game until months later.


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