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Tales of Phantasia (PlayStation 1) English translation Screen Shots
These are in descending order, from newest to oldest. All of these are 100% real. These are all work-in-progress screen shots, most not being anything close to release quality. Many of these images are large lossless PNG files so this page is probably not very 56k friendly.

(Exact date unknown, late August 2002) -- A new menu font...

So, one day I was browsing DeJap's Bahamut Lagoon screenshots and couldn't help but notice the 8x8 font it used. It's not only beautiful, but in variable-width mode, it saves even more screen space than Tales of Destiny's! Considering we need all the screen space saved as possible, borrowing this font was a no-brainer. And hey, there's no need to write extra code to vertically shift some letters (like the p and g), either!

(4/4/02) -- Options...

Yummy? Well, not really...

(1/18/02) -- Dialogue!

Here's the first successful attempt at hacking the script. But text pointers and such were unknown at this time.

(11/14/01) -- The menu

Menu commands are translated! But it's not without its difficulties...

(11/1?/01) -- Don't remember the date...

Regular item menu...

Valuable item menu...

I think these old images were released only on the forum. I mentioned in a site update that featured the screenshot above that I released some screenshots on the forum and these seem to fit the bill...

(11/6/01) -- Status

After cleaning up the bugs, I cooked this up. Sure it looks like crap, but...

(11/5/01) -- Oh yeah!

Sure, it doesn't look like much, but this was a very important screenshot. This screenshot was the first one produced after frobnoid finished the file compressor, so we could finally insert the modified files.

(1/30/01) -- The memory card screen!

This is the result of a small ASM hack.

(Fall '00) -- The first menu hack!

I don't have an actual date for this on file either, but it's older than the one above. I think I hacked the giant ISO file to make this happen.

(Summer/Fall '00) -- The first screens ever!



These came before the site was made, so no exact date is known. But they're fondly remembered as being the first shots ever. It was pretty easy to hack because it's pretty much the only uncompressed text in the game.

I think I copied the files directly from the CD-ROM then burned them back with Nero. Because of the way streamed audio works on the PS1, there was no music during the intro and no voice acting.


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